This is just a Fairytale I made up!


1. Release



Along time ago, a princess was born and her name was Flora Arcadia.The King and Queen held a celebration for their newborn daughter. The princess had a happy life, until she turned fourteen and the King grew very ill. Months later the King died. Her mother, the Queen, married another King from another kingdom far away, which would be Flora's step-father. Her step-father wanted to rule both of his kingdom and the Queen's kingdom, but by doing that her mother has to die. That was when the King had a plan. A plan to kill her mother. Flora overheard the King telling the maid to poison the Queen. 

"Put this into the Queen's tea, she needs a drink." He said. 
"Right, away sir." The maid left. Flora went to her mother, but she was to late. She found her mother lying on the floor. 
“Flora, you have to keep the kingdom alive. Find a prince and marry him. You have to save the kingdom,” she breathed, her pulse slowing and eyes fluttering close.
Flora nodded and sobbed softly into her mother’s dress as she closed her eyes for the last time. 

The kingdom mourned, but they were ready for Flora to become queen. One day, Flora overheard her step-father talking to his advisor. 

“We have to rid of the girl somehow. This kingdom will be mine, and she will not get in the way of that,” he grumbled under his breath. The advisor nodded grimly and shuffled out of the room. Flora was scared, and swiftly packed her things and ran away. Flora went to the forest where she met Edmund. He took her back to his kingdom. Flora was amazed. It was her kingdom that she once lived in. 

"Princess Flora." The towns people bowed. 

"Flora, what are they talking about? Your a princess." 

"Yes. My father ruled this kingdom, until he grew very ill." 

"Well, you can stay at your castle as you wish." Flora smiled. Three years past, Flora and Edmund got married and had a daughter named Victoria and two sons named Andy and Eddie.






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