To the moon and back

Alexia is a famous viner raising her 6 month old brothers alone when one night changed everything



I was sitting in my room playing on my xbox i mean cmon who doesn't play mine craft anyway i was pretty bored when i heard the door bell ring me being an idiot i grabbed a lamp and went down like a ninja i went down and opened the door ready to attack when i see the magcon tour


"Um may i ask why your holding a lamp " a boy with really blue eyes that looked like he was around 14 or 13 asked

"Umm well you see i was playing my mine craft game when you guys rang my doorbell and its like midnight so i thought maybe its someone trying to steal my little brothers so i thought id hit you with a lamp " i responded like it was nothing

"Well umm ok are you alexia payan" asked the cute asian in the back

"Um yea what do ya need"

"Well we were wondering if you would like to go to magcon tour with us "

"Wait id like to no your names first " i asked

"Wait you dont know us "um a guy with really blue eyes asked he looked cute hm i wonder ...

"Well handsome im not that social the most social i get is vine videos and im mostly a gamer"

"Well thats my Kind of lady !!hi my name is cameron Dallas at your service " well cameron is a flirt

"ok then you may come in just dont wake up my boys "

"Your boys? Wait you have kids " cam asked

"NO you idiot there my brothers my mom left us when i when my last brother was born and my dad died in a car crash so yea "i said

"Well im sorry to hear that " cam said glumly

"Well introduce yourselves" i asked cam

"Im matt"

"Im nash"pretty blue eyes said

"Im hayes but you can call me haas im that idiots brother"

"Im carter"the cute asian said

They all sat down on my couch carter asked

" how can you afford all this stuff ?"

"Good question um i have a morning shift and Starbucks and a night shift at walmart its tiring but i still get to spend time with my boys " i said with no emotion thats when i heard crying

"Wait a second please" i went to get the twins

And brought them down each in one arm

The boys looked at me surprised

"Wait you raise babies" haas asked

" there my brothers their 6months old my mom left a month after the babies were born " i answered

"Um cam ,hayes, could hold them i need to get there bottles "

They grabbed the boys and i went to make the bottles when i was putting the formula in the bottle

i felt a Presence in back of me there i saw Nash looking at me

" you know your really beautiful " he said genuinely

I blushed mad i bet i looked like tomato

"Ummm thank you um if i go on tour may i take my brothers "

" yea sure "

"Thanks nash "

I went and kissed his cheek and hugged him i swear i saw him blush

" any way i better give these bottles to my boys "

I went back to the living room and took the twins

"Thank you guys you can follow me please"

I went upstairs and put the twins on the crib and kissed their foreheads

I turned around and told the boys

"I will go on tour" i said with a pause the boys started cheering silently

"But my boys have to have their own room on the bus i dont care if i have to share with one of you but my babies have to have their own room"

"Fine you'll share with nash "


"Well theres spare room go and sleep im tired"

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