To the moon and back

Alexia is a famous viner raising her 6 month old brothers alone when one night changed everything



I woke up with haas jumping on my bed

"Wake up alex i want FOOOD !"

"SHUT UP THE BABIES WILL WAKE UP" i yelled i pretty much didn't want to wake up but i had to change the twins diapers

"But the boys.."

"All right im going wait up "

when he left i got up and changed into spandex booty shorts and a tank top and put my hair in a pony tail

Well let the day begin


I was on the couch when alexia came running down in booty shorts OMG shes so beautiful her brown hair with pink high lights the way she cares and does so much stuff for her brothers GOSH I GOT TO STOP STARING

Alexia :Hey Nash you got a sister rights?

Nash : um yea why ?

Alexia : do you know how to change diaper?

Nash : yea i do do you need help ?

Alexia : umm yea can you help me change Isaiah's diaper while i change Emiliano's diaper

So we went up into the room and changed the diaper i accidentally dropped the towel and alexia and i both tried to get but ended up bumping foreheads

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