Beauty is not all that counts~harry styles fanfic

A girl named diamond has a horrible life, she gets beaten by her dad and has no fun she is bullied at school because she comes in with bruises and she has 'weird' hair. What happened when she meets a guy named Harry, does she fall in love or does this whole thing turn out different. The girl in the photo is destiny


6. talking to him

Harry's POV

I Can't believe what that man did to this girl, I believe her name is destiny, she has a very thin body and she is just gorgeous. I want her to be mine but I saw her get beaten by that thing and I've seen her scars on her wrist. I walked over to her and said " hi I'm harry you must be destiny"

She looked shocked to see me but replied " it's good to see you harry" we talked for a while and we found we have a lot of things in common and that she hasn't heard my music but heard people talking about me and people at her school had posters of me in there lockers. A nurse walked in and said" destiny you are free to go but your father has been put in prison" she smiled but then frowned " what's wrong love"

" oh um I have no where to live" I thought for a minuet then said" live with me and my band it will be fun" she gave a small smile then said " ok"

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