Beauty is not all that counts~harry styles fanfic

A girl named diamond has a horrible life, she gets beaten by her dad and has no fun she is bullied at school because she comes in with bruises and she has 'weird' hair. What happened when she meets a guy named Harry, does she fall in love or does this whole thing turn out different. The girl in the photo is destiny


3. Miss bitch

Diamonds Pov

I unlocked the bathroom door slowly to see my abusive father standing there looking furious I coward down and tried to look away from his intensive stare. It was no use, he just grabbed my chin and pulled my face to look at him, I felt his deep black eyes staring into me, I swear if looks could kill I would be 6 feet under! He just spat at me " get your fat arse to school before I beat the shit out of you!" I just looked down and ran out the door grabbing my bag in the process.I arrived at school with minutes to spare. I rushed to my first lesson and sat down right at the back out of every bitches way. I was a very smart kid but no one looked at me like that, all the teachers knew but all the pupils thought I was a dumb slut! I felt all eyes on me as I took my seat, why did everyone have to be so judge mental? I sat down and ignored everyone's showers and annoying whispers about how I looked and the way I was! All these people were my friends, what happened. When class finished I rushed out the class trying to ignore everyone but got stopped by miss bitch also known as Millie Brooke my fucking sister! She left when my mum died but she still thinks it's funny to annoy me to be popular!!!

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