Beauty is not all that counts~harry styles fanfic

A girl named diamond has a horrible life, she gets beaten by her dad and has no fun she is bullied at school because she comes in with bruises and she has 'weird' hair. What happened when she meets a guy named Harry, does she fall in love or does this whole thing turn out different. The girl in the photo is destiny


1. I come as I am

Hello my name is Star and I am 19 I have bright pink hair with blue on the ends, I will always be wearing pink baby lips with big cat eye and mascara. My mum died in a car crash about 6 months ago but for the purpose of this story I have mad it 2 years. So that is who I am and this whole chapter was about the real me Not the character but the character is based on me but I do not have an abusive life so the only thing that is true is my mum being dead and the character description . It was hard to write this intro because of the during part that I wrote about my mum so bare with me on this story cause it will bring back memories for me. Why you ask am I doing this about my life. We'll cause I wanted to make my life have a happy ending but obviously I'm not abused but some of these characters and parts in this are true so be a detective and see if you can figure out which ones are real and which ones are not

Love you my twinkles bye!!!!!

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