Beauty is not all that counts~harry styles fanfic

A girl named diamond has a horrible life, she gets beaten by her dad and has no fun she is bullied at school because she comes in with bruises and she has 'weird' hair. What happened when she meets a guy named Harry, does she fall in love or does this whole thing turn out different. The girl in the photo is destiny


5. Hospital

Diamond POV

i was running down a white hall with my dad running behind me shouting "ILL GET U BACK BITCH YOU DONT DESURVE WHAT U HAVE GOT YOU DESERVE TO JOIN YOUR MOTHER" i had tears running down my face and i was screaming for help. no one was there and i came to a dead end and he came closer and closer.

i woke up screaing with nurses all around me asking if i was alright. i was and awful mess, i had tears rolling down my face and sweat dripping onto my bed! I looked around the room ignoring everyone around me I had so many questions running through my brain, how did I get here? I was beaten by my father not saved by him! I was looking around the room the noticed a curly haired boy sitting on a chair looking worried, I didn't know who he was but he looked familiar, wait that is harry styles from one direction! I am not really a fan but I like there music. But why is he here. He noticed me awake and smilies, showing me his amazing dimples..... Wait what am I saying I can't love anyone I'll just get broken especially if it's HARRY FUCKIN STYLES!!!!! When I calmed down all the nurses left and harry walked over to me looking guilty and scared..... Why????

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