Beauty is not all that counts~harry styles fanfic

A girl named diamond has a horrible life, she gets beaten by her dad and has no fun she is bullied at school because she comes in with bruises and she has 'weird' hair. What happened when she meets a guy named Harry, does she fall in love or does this whole thing turn out different. The girl in the photo is destiny


4. beaten to death

Millies POV

hahahah i love messing around with Diamond shes such a bitch, she desurves whatever dad does cause she is such a dissapointment.

Diamonds POV

I was walkig home slowly hopeing that today would be the day i die, i know its sad but you dont know my messed up life. i opened my gate to see an angry looking man runnig towords m, i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head, he just punched me. i stummbled barckwards and jit my head on the floor , he kept kicking me until blackness took over me

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