What happens when you are sucked into a world that you didn't even know about? What if you know you want to get out of it but you get a lot of bumps in the road that are hard to avoid? Sucky description but the book is a lot better I just didn't know how to write this without giving something away.


2. Chapter 2: Harry Styles


Chapter 2: Harry Styles

I woke up and everything was black but there was a faint light. Wait, do I have a blindfold on? How did this happen? Suddenly everything came rushing back to me. The green eyes, the man that grabbed me and most likely drugged me, and the green eyed mans smirk.

I don't know what this person wants with me. Why would they kidnap me? I started to panic. What if I'm going to be forced into prostitution or something just as bad. A bump knocked me out of my panicked thoughts and I was flung forward. I hit something hard. I let out a grunt.

"I think she's up." I heard a rough voice say.

"HELP!" I yelled. Then I realized that was a stupid idea since I'm in a car and I'm probably with the people who kidnapped me. Suddenly I felt something over my mouth and nose. Oh no not again.

I started to squirm around and tried to get away but then two hands held me down. Then everything was completely black.


I woke up and noticed that I wasn't in a car anymore. I was in a comfortable bed with red and white sheets. The room I was in was huge. I would be able to admire the room but my mind was set on escaping where ever I was.

I went to the door to open it. When I turned the door knob it surprisingly opened. I was expecting it to be locked. I walked into a hall with 4 other doors. I looked around to make sure that no one was around. I walked quickly but quietly to make sure to not make any noise.

How am I going to find a way out of this place if I don't know where anything is? This is going to be harder than I thought. They probably have security in this place. My thoughts were confirmed when I saw a guard standing around the corner. I walked backwards slowly so I don't make any noise but one of the floorboards creaked. I turned and ran as fast as I could to the room I came from. I walked into the room closed the door and jumped on the bed and closed my eyes so it looks like I'm sleeping.

"Nice try love, but I know your awake. I was waiting for you." I heard a rough British accent say.

I was scared to open my eyes so I kept them shut. I really don't want to know who's in the room. I should've looked around the room first when I came in but my mind was to frantic.

"Open your eyes love." I heard the man say.

I refuse to open my eyes. I just want to pretend this is all a dream.

"I said open your damn eyes" he said in a sickly sweet voice. I still refuse to open them.

I heard the man mutter "bloody hell" and then I heard footsteps. Suddenly a hand slapped my cheek. I opened my eyes and clutched my cheek. I seen the same green eyes that I saw in the alley but this time there was no smirk, his face showed anger.

"When I tell you to do something, you fucking do it." He said through gritted teeth.

I just nodded since I was scared to talk to him.

"Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"When I ask you a question you will answer me and you will call me sir. It looks like I'm going to have to give you a list of the rules." I will not listen to his rules! I refuse to do that. Oh who am I kidding.

"Yes sir." I rolled my eyes but he wasn't paying any attention. I'm scared of this man but I need answers so I should test the waters and ask a question.

"Um sir, where am I?" He gave me an amused look.

"You should know where you are." What the hell is he talking about. He fucking kidnapped me how should I know where I am.

"I don't know where I am." Now he was looking confused.

"Well don't you at least know who I am?" Seriously? Now he expects me to know who he is.

"No. I obviously don't. You kidnapped me!" Now he looked even more confused and angry.

"Have you ever heard the name Harry Styles?" Why the bloody hell is he asking if I know the name Harry Styles. Wait a minute. Harry Styles. I actually have heard that name before.

"He's the richest man in the world right?" He smiled at that. "Other than that I know absolutely nothing about him!"

"Well love now you know what he looks like." What? I already told him I didn't. Unless he's harry but that's impossible. Why would he kidnap me if he was?

"What are you talking about?"

He smirked. "I'm Harry Styles."

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