What happens when you are sucked into a world that you didn't even know about? What if you know you want to get out of it but you get a lot of bumps in the road that are hard to avoid? Sucky description but the book is a lot better I just didn't know how to write this without giving something away.


1. Chapter 1: Black


Chapter 1: Black

Walking through the busy, crowded London streets is something I never get sick of. Im a city girl. All the lights and sounds of cars and people excite me. I was looking at the London eye. It's so beautiful. The way it's lights up and the way it spins. I pull out my phone and check the time and notice that I'm going to be late for work so I decide to take one of the alleyways . I started to run so I could get to work in at least ten minutes.

While running I didn't notice there was anyone in the alleyway so when I saw green eyes looking at me and the words "her" coming from his lips I was shocked at first. What did he mean by 'her' and why was he in an alleyway. He definitely didn't look like someone who would be in an alleyway but then again neither did I. No one is usually in the alleyways except for gangs, dead beats, prostitutes and so on.

I honestly didn't know what to do in this situation. Do I run, do I hide, or do I call the police? I don't even know if I'm in danger or not. Before I could even decide on what to do someone grabbed me and put a cloth over my mouth and nose.

I figured it was probably the green eyed man. I started squirming around trying to get away from the man who was manhandling me. While I was doing that I saw the green eyed man still standing in the same spot and he was looking at me. Why isn't he doing anything to save me? What kind of person just stands there and let's someone else get murdered or whatever the guy was doing to me.

Everything suddenly started to turn blurry. I was still looking at the man and suddenly I saw his lips turn up into a smirk before everything went completely black.

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