My Inspirations

To help with my writing and inspire my mind, I'm writing in this movella.. short stories based on images I have found and created. This idea is my own, and if you wish to use it yourself to help you, feel free to.


1. Benedict The Monster Slayer

Benedict The Monster Slayer


Evangeline slept soundly in her bed, nothing but dreams occupying her young mind, unaware of the dangers around her. Her bedroom closet, normally filled with unorganized assortments of clothing and toys, now contained something else, something more sinister.

Long clawed fingers, the size of small baseball bats latched onto the side of the partially open door, pushing it open. A muzzle, containing a fence of sharp teeth poked out, drool leaking between the thin gaps of it's teeth.

It was obviously hungry.

It's eyes, snake-like, looked around, scanning a new victim. It's eyes locked on Evangeline's bed. It crawled with the elegance of a predator on the hunt, all it's weight on it's knuckles, making it's way to her bed.

But while Evangeline rested, eyes still closed and dreamful thoughts still in her head. The monster woke something else, the monster wasn't the only deadly thing in the little girl's bedroom. Under her covers, something moved, making it's way to the opening of the covers beside her face. A small brown hand reached out, cardboard sword in hand, and pulled itself out from under the covers. Evangeline's treasured stuffed companion, Benedict stood, dusting himself off and stretched his wool-manufactured body.

It had been a while since he'd went into battle.

Benedict looked back with button eyes and glared. This monster picked the wrong room to crawl into. Evangeline was his, he had trained with every other teddy to protect his children, he had protected Evangeline, and her mother, and her mother before her. He was old, practically ancient. The monster wouldn't stand a chance.

The monster stood at the foot of the bed, baseball bat fingers reaching to the top of the covers, to snatch Evangeline right out of her bed, but Benedict wasn't going to let that happen. He climbed, up to the highest point of her pillow, standing, facing the monster.

It's teeth suddenly became sharper the closer they were, Benedict stared at them, not feeling the slightest twinge of fear. He had battled monsters a lot bigger than this one, and won.

Benedict's cardboard sword stretched out, his shield protecting him, as if he needed protecting.

The monster resembled a smile and it's eyes narrowed, focusing on the little bear in front of it, Benedict wasn't very large, small enough for a child like Evangeline to carry and walk with. But that didn't matter, size didn't matter as far as Benedict was concerned. A single drop of the monster's drool fell, and landed on Evangeline's cheek, she fussed in her sleep, still unaware to the battle about to commence.

Benedict's button eyes glared, big mistake. He jumped, and landed on the tip of the monster's nose. Adjusting himself, Benedict held on, as the monster shook, trying to get him off, but that didn't work, Benedict was too strong. He managed to stand jabbing his sword into the monster's face, making his way to the top. The monster watched for a brief moment, it had never come across a bear the likes of Benedict, and it had made a big mistake in doing so.

With one quick jab, Benedict struck the monster's left eye with his sword, causing it to thrash it's head, side to side. Benedict held on once again. the monster didn't like things in it's eyes, and backed away on it's hind legs to get away, to retreat. It's long baseball bat fingers grabbed Benedict, one hand throwing him at the wall beside Evangeline's bedroom window. A claw had stolen a tread from Benedict's sewn arm. Beside him, as he landed, his arm, sword still in hand landed also.

For a moment, the monster looked at Evangeline with it's one good eye, covering the left with it's hand. Thinking it a bad idea to mess with this child, it retreated, back into the closet, it's scaly tail trailing behind. Benedict still lied there motionlessly, his back leaning against the wall, button eyes staring at Evangeline's bed.

She was safe, Benedict had done his job, the way he always had .

As morning broke through Evangeline's window and shone upon her bed, she woke from her undisturbed dreamful sleep. her eyes fluttered open, looking around for her beloved teddy bear, but he wasn't lied beside her. She sat up, panic and fear in her face, Benedict had a habit of running off during the night, ending up in different places in her room, but today was different.

"Benedict!" Evangeline cried, seeing her teddy armless on the floor. she got out of bed with a quick jump, barefooted in her night dress, she picked him up. "You're broken!" she cried again, cradling him in her arms like a delicate baby. She picked up his arm, sword still in hand and ran out her room. "Mummy! Benedict's broken again!"

Evangeline's mother, the owner of Benedict before Evangeline, was good with a needle and thread. As Evangeline hugged Benedict in her small arms, Benedict knew he'd be fixed again, ready for another battle.

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