Two Minds, One Heart?

Elizabeth O'Reilly once had a wonderful life with her loving British-American parents and her newly, earned degree. But in an instant, Elizabeth losses her family to illness. Going with her father's wishes, she takes the job as detective in Britain and takes her father's Blacklist book with her.

While there, she finds a flat for rent and meets the strangest people she ever met - Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And since Elizabeth not only is called on the same cases but has the same knowledge, Sherlock doesn't like her being around. Elizabeth knows he doesn't like her, but she is their partner. And she may like being around them for a certain someone.

Three cases, two minds, and, maybe, one heart.



2. Old and New

Elizabeth got out of the cab and looked at the building in front of her; the New Scotland Yard was bigger than she thought. Her father knew someone here and the oppertunity was what she wanted. She was then lead to an office and instantly recongized the man behind the desk - Detective Inspector Lestrade.

He looked up and smiled at her. He motioned her to sit down and she gave him her resume. Lestrade looked through it and, later, looked up.

“Your resume is outstanding and the position is available. I think you will do well for the job."

"Thank you, Detective Inspector. I'm sure I'll be happy with this."

"Oh, and I should remind you that you'll be working with a person who's 'special'." Lestrade answered.

"May you please define special?" Elizabeth asked, with a slight frown.

"Well, he's quite insane and he's like a ticking time bomb. You don't know what he'll do next."

"I think I could put up with him."

"Let's wait until you meet him."


Elizabeth waited in the cab until it came to a stop at the flat she'll live in. It was near Central London and Lestrade had told her it was a moderate rent for just starting out. He warned her to stay away from Baker Street, if she values her sanity. She paid the driver, got out, pulled out her bag that she acquired from the hotel she was going to stay at, and knocked on the door to be let in by the landowner. It opened to a middle-aged woman who smiled when she opened it.

"Hi," Elizabeth greeted. "I'm here to see the flat that is up for rent."

"Oh, yes, come this way."

She was led to an empty room after two flight of stairs that looked manageable enough. It was small, but pretty with white washed walls and the balcony that overlooked London. There was only a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Elizabeth turned to the woman.

"It's well enough, I'll take it." She said. The woman smiled and introduced herself as Ms. O'Rielly.

'I guess this can't get any worse from here on out.' She thought.

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