Two Minds, One Heart?

Elizabeth O'Reilly once had a wonderful life with her loving British-American parents and her newly, earned degree. But in an instant, Elizabeth losses her family to illness. Going with her father's wishes, she takes the job as detective in Britain and takes her father's Blacklist book with her.

While there, she finds a flat for rent and meets the strangest people she ever met - Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And since Elizabeth not only is called on the same cases but has the same knowledge, Sherlock doesn't like her being around. Elizabeth knows he doesn't like her, but she is their partner. And she may like being around them for a certain someone.

Three cases, two minds, and, maybe, one heart.



1. A Start of a New Beginning

Elizabeth O'Reilly had caught her reflection in the plane's window a couple of times, but now she looked at herself closely. Her red, wavy hair that went to the bottom of her shoulder blades was from her father's Irish-American side and her peacock blue eyes came from her mother's British side.

Just thinking of her family brought slight tears to her eyes and she remembered those last days before today.


"Hello? Is this Elizabeth Jamie O'Reilly?" The voice at the other end her cellphone asked, days after graduation.

"Yes." Elizabeth answered "Is something wrong?"

"This is Doctor Anna Sheridan. It's about your parents. Your mother is dead and your father is dying, but he doesn't have much time. I suggest you should get her to see him before the funeral."

With that said, Elizabeth had packed up and boarded the next flight to Boston. She remembered of how her parents couldn't come to her graduation because of how the doctor told them they wouldn't be traveling much, so she had asked a friend to videotape it. The video was in her hand on the flight.

When she got there, she had to hail a cab and spent the next twenty minutes in anxiety. Once there, she ran into the house and saw her dad and Doctor Sheridan sitting on the couch. He smiled at her and motioned her to sit down next to him.

"I heard you graduated from college," he said when she sat down "you know what you want to do for a living with a Criminal Justice degree?"

"I really think the job of being a detective is a good idea." She answered, remembering her father being one.

"A very wise decision," her father answered, with a smile "I have unfinished business with criminals. Is it fine if you can get that black binder off the shelf?"

Elizabeth got to the bookshelf and pulled it out to see a label that read "Britain's Blacklist". Confused, she sat back down and pointed to the label.

"Why is it a blacklist for Britain? And why Britain?" she asked him. Her father ran a hand through his grey hair that was once red.

"I'm so old, I don't know if Britain does have a blacklist. But it's full of profiles of the United Kingdom's most wanted and dangerous criminals. I think Britain would want people like you. Young, strong, willing, and helping."

"Thanks dad," Elizabeth replied "I really think Britain would need me."

"That's my girl." Her dad closed his eyes and breathed in. Elizabeth waited for something to happen but Doctor Sheridan felt for a pulse and shook her head for a 'no'. For the entire night, in her old bedroom, Elizabeth cried.


Elizabeth dried her tears that stood on her face when the memory finished, her eyes no longer red. In her lap was "Britain's Blacklist". She ran through the book again to remember. Inside was the criminal's photo, age, recent location, and occupation, etc. Having a strong memory, she still wanted to run through her resume and other papers for everything to be in place.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the announcement said "please return to your seats because we are about to be landing in London, Britain."

Elizabeth hugged the thick binder to her chest like a air bag and felt the jerk forward as the plane landed.


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