My dilemma?

Will everything change when the bad boy starts falling in love? @michelleeeb__


3. The "fight"

*POVS Michelle's*

i woke up and look at the clock, yes I have time to get ready! For some reason I woke up really early I think it's because of yesterday that I slept earlier or is because of that Bieber kid? We'll I did my morning routine and decided to dress up in a dress that had light pink which I love it with some heels that were white and a purse that was color white too but gorgeous I straighted my hair and do my makeup but this time not too much like natural makeup with some pink lipstick and if your wondering how I'm kind of looking right now is like Ariana Grande she's so gorgeous and tiny aw, but yeah I when I look at the mirror I was sastified with my look, and came down to eat breakfast that's how our family rolls 1 day we don't eat together the next day we do I smell pancakes which are my favourite! ( mom: m, dad: d) both: "good morning sweetheart" while they smiled at me and kiss my cheeks I just giggled me: "good morning to you too" with a singing voice we laugh together m: "here you got sweety" I thank my mom for the breakfast and you know we talk like any family do, when I finish my breakfast I thank my mom and kiss my dad cheek and hug my mom me:" I love you guys! Bye!" Both: we love you too honey!" I rush to my car since I have to pick up Austin I'm his ride buddy and not what you guys thinking ok! We're only best friends I was listening to the pandora radio and when I got to Austin house I call him again me:"Austin get out!" He rush to the car and kiss my cheek as always and we talk pretty much the whole ride and then he switch the subject a:"so how's this "bieber" kid?" With a sarcastic tone me:"oh nothing he's just annoying" I decide to say something else and not saying of what happen between me and justin at my locker because somehow Austin sees justin he gets mad isn't because he doesn't want me to get hurt again? Or is it because he's jealous? I decided to shrug it off and when we got to the school we got out laughing at his silliness and as usual people were looking at us and you know boys were trying to get my attention but they totally fail, but then I saw him, "bieber" he look at me and smirk I decided to ignore him and went to my locker to get my books of the day i walk with Austin as always and outta nowhere Austin he's me a kiss on the cheek letting people wondering if we're dating then he spoke up, a:"Michelle are you doing anything today?" I was confused but then I spoke me: " no why?" A:"nothing just asking because your always doing something" he say cheekily me:"boohoo you!" And then he gave a fake gasp and grab me by the waist but fail since I had heels on i trip and someone catch me I didn't know who it was till I heard that familiar word ?:" watch out princess" I look at the misterious person and gasp it was bieber, me:" are you stalking on me or something" I ask very annoyed but he just chuckle j:" oh shush babe you know you get excited when you see me" he give a wink then walk away I just stood there shock then I saw a very mad Austin a:" I was going to catch you but he push me away" he sounded angry and sad at the same time but I didn't want to make questions me:"let's go to class ok?" He just nodded with no expression on his face, we walk in and then saw him again ugh I just remember that I have to be with him every day since I have to show him around, I just shrug to go to my seat when he put his hand on my thigh and press it hard I gasp and look at him mouthing the words stop-that-look since mr.perez wasn't here Justin came closer to me and started kissing my neck but I pushed him and he did it again but then I hear a cough and look at my other side was Austin a:"hey kid stop that she has no interested in you"he spat but then I was going to spoke up when Justin did j:" oh she's your girlfriend or something? If she is I'm sorry but she's mine" he spat too but then he smirk what a jerk me:"he's not my boyfriend he's my best friend and you" I pointed at Justin me:"I'm not yours" I was glad with my response but then he say j:" not soon but wait" he kiss my cheek and Austin got mad when he kick out his sit away a:" stop that you fucking asshole!" I gasp I got out trying to take away Austin from Justin but then Austin push me back and whisper a:" this is not your fight this is mine" Justin was just smirking like he didn't care then I heard punching I was screaming stop stop because Justin was winning and Austin was getting beat up pretty badly, everyone was screaming and speaking the words of "fight" I didn't know how to stop it but I couldn't is only me between 2 of them, then 2 teachers came in, and they spoke t's:" Mahone and Bieber office now!" While they push them out of the classroom then Justin spoke to me j:" I'm sorry" I push him away from me and I run pretty well for being wearing heels I got to my car and drove off~~~~~


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