My dilemma?

Will everything change when the bad boy starts falling in love? @michelleeeb__


1. Presentation

Hi my name is Michelle well everyone calls me michie and I'm well kind of popular I always been I'm not like other people that like bothering other poor students which that's not me I actually help them a lot because my parents raised me the best way I am 17 years old and I'm in high school which I'm graduating in 4 weeks yay I'm so happy because I want to be home spending time with my favorite oh whatever call me a two goody shoes but I don't care I'm they're little princess I don't do drugs or all that but I do go to party's I'm single and I prefer stay like that too many jerks trying to get into girls pants and I'm not one of them since my last relationship with Carter Reynolds yes I he is I'm the vine thing the only problem why we broke up is because he had to move to a lot of places since he's getting pretty big or famous should I say I miss him he was my first love and you know all that but I try to move on but I can't because there's not such a good guy like him me and him use to be best friends since we were in diapers but when he was about 1 he came up to me and kiss me haha I don't know how I can remember that but it was true my mom always says that we have a little bump like we were so cute together and act like a couple which was true all the time I was his only girlfriend which he didn't trust any other girls than me I have my hair dye in and brown red oranger color I don't know how to describe it I have brown or hazel color I know is crazy but yeah this is me 

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