My dilemma?

Will everything change when the bad boy starts falling in love? @michelleeeb__


2. New kid?

*POVS Michelle's*

i woke up by an annoying sound it was the alarm I meant I'm a morning person but there's sometimes when you see that you have to go to school kills me! but anyways I got up and and do my morning routine and dress up in a tight jeans and Jordan's that were gold and the jeans were black and the shirt color was gold too I meant I like to look good but in a good way anyways I decided to bring my black gold backpack since I don't feel like wearing a purse right now and straight my hair and do curls in them and do my makeup red lipstick with smoky eye shadows and some blush I look at the mirror and was satisfied with my look and decided too look for my black sunglasses I meant I don't have anyone to impress but myself right? Haha well I came down and say bye to my parents and went to my gorgeous black car that my dad bought it for me he likes to spoil me all the time haha I went in and started blasting music by Zendaya she's gorgeous and she's very talented in her own style I admired her I didn't notice that I was at Austin house ( yes Austin Mahone ) we were best friends since Carter left.. But oh we'll I call him me: " Austin come out before I leave your ass out!" A:" ok mom" he laugh at me oh no he didn't! Me:" whatever haha now get in! " he got in and kiss me on the cheek as always we were talking on how my birthday was coming soon and he wanted me to do a big party like every year but whatever we have to talk about that anyways later we got in school and got out from the car and everyone was looking at us as usual but I didn't mind I was popular anyways so was Austin we were walking on the hallways when Someone got my attention, this kid was gorgeous I meant his perfect golden hair his perfect face his eyes and lips and the way he dressed and his body Austin knew I was looking at him and stop me from day dreaming and cough a: " I know who your looking to he's no good news michie" he look me straight in the eyes me: " don't believe what other people say to you, probably is not even true about his reputation everyone has a story that they never told" I told Austin with hope eyes a: " just don't get to attracted he's been with every girl in this town" while rolling his eyes me: " ok I stay away from him just because your one of my best friends" while been cheesy he just chuckle at me I look back at the kid that I never seen before but he looks new? New kid? No Idea but he knew that I was looking at him and he smirk at me eyeing me up and down and licking his lips I just look down blushing and decided to walk with Austin I got to my classroom with Austin since me and him have all classes together we sit down waiting for the class begin when I saw the teacher coming in with the same kid that was checking me out Austin look at me with concern eyes like don't-even-try- look I nodded and when mr.perez spoke (t: teacher) t: "hello class today I want you guys to know someone this is mr.bieber he's our new student here and I want you guys to make him feel comfortable so, I'm choosing someone to show him around, but for now let's mr.bieber introduced himself" I look at the kid name "bieber" he look at me again he was staring me the whole time while mr.perez spoke himself and then I heard him speak ?: " we'll I'm justin bieber I like hockey and music but I don't show it at all" everyone was giggling I meant the girls were they look at him while twirling their hair and check they're makeup and I decided to ignore them like I can't be jealous can I? We'll then mr.perez decided to disturb my day dreaming while he say t: " Michelle since you have the best grades and you are one of the best students I'm looking after you to show mr.bieber around" he smiled at me and I just nodded not trying to fight with the teacher while mr.perez was talking to "Justin" he point it at me and say to sit next to me since Austin sits on my right and now justin sitting at my left Austin started cursing under his breath like what the heck is going on? Justin made his mov over me and sit down he look at me and smirk j: "hey my names is justin" while looking at my lips I found it disgusting because I don't even know the kid and he's making moves on me but I meant c'mon he's hot who wouldn't? I replied me: " yeah I know" while been cheesy Austin kick underneath the seat while kicking me the leg I whispered to him me:" Austin stop it hurts!" He just laugh at me a: " I know but don't get to close to him! See he's making moves on you already!" I just rolled my eyes started paying attention to the teacher when I felt some hot breath on my neck I look at my left and saw justin really close to me and he whispered j: " you know we can have a little fun at the janitors" he whispered to me so sexy that I couldn't stop looking at his lips I just wanted to make out with him but then I remember he's just a douchebag whatever me: " I think you be fine I'm not like other girls" I kind of spat at my sentences but whatever that "bieber" kid needed it j: " I'm not giving up on you princess" princess? Who the fuck he is to call me princess this kid doesn't even know me since me and justin have the same classes I had to show  him around in every class he would put his hand on my thigh which I found it very annoying and disturbing but I ignored it and try to pay attention to every teacher I had but atleast was the last period thank god! I can't stand this kid "bieber" while everything he does is trying to get under my pants I decided to shrug it out while I heard the bell ring I rush to get out of the class and go straight to my locker I didn't even notice when I open my locker someone close it again what the fuck?!? Me: " what the fuck you think your doing?!?" I didn't even look at the person while I met those hazel eyes and dreamy ones but then shrug it off again me: " what do you want again bieber?" He just smirk at me j: " I want you" me? Why me?! Me:"oh we'll you can't have me!" I spat at him and he didn't seem to care but whatever j: " oh feisty I like that" he came closer to me and kiss my cheek while leaving me shock cause no one was in the hallways anymore but then I remember he grab my ass! That bastard! I reach up to my pocket and felt a piece of paper I open it and look at it I read it to myself me: " call me ~Justin "with his number on it I decided to save the piece of paper and went right home I was so tired that I decided to sleep earlier and did my night routine went to get my favourite pjs and went to sleep and I thought to myself me: " will I fall in love with the right guy this time?" And everything went black 

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