My dilemma?

Will everything change when the bad boy starts falling in love? @michelleeeb__


5. Know the real "Danger"

*POVS Michelle's*

i woke up by a little snoring I look right next to me and then I remember everything that happen yesterday I was smiling then I heard Justin say something j:"good morning beautiful" while he kiss my cheek me:"good morning to you too Bieber" I was smirking at him and he just laugh and shake his head I got up because I wasn't tired at all j:"where you going?" I laugh me:"why so protective Bieber I'm just going to take a shower" he nodded and went back to sleep what a lazy ass haha I did my morning routine and got out I saw nobody on the room but I still had my towel on I decide to dress in sweatpants with a shirt that is really cute, the sweatpants color are grey and the cute shirt is purple and with purple Jordan's and put a high ponytail with natural color since I don't feel like putting to much you know, someone grab my waist and say j:"your gorgeous princess" I calm down a bit but I was scared me:"Bieber stop scaring me omg" I laugh and he just chuckle he started kissing my cheek a lot and say j:"you have kissable cheeks baby girl" I blush really hard and he  took our hands and intirwined them It was a really good day me and Justin's started talking about basic stuffs like what's our favorite color and you know everything was peaceful

*POVS Justin's*

Now that she's mine I have to protect her since I'm in a gang and things are getting out off hands since I stole this gangs money I deal with that later but now I need to show Michelle the real me since I feel like I can trust her with everything I have I decided to spoke up me:"so you been wondering when I started doing this gang thing right?'she nodded and I start telling her me:" it all started when my father was in a gang I was little probably like 6 but I understood everything my mom got pregnant at 16 years old I know it's crazy but yeah my dad was really happy to have me but then my dad had to leave because of the threats since he met my mom he changed is much, he was in love with her they were so happy my dad slowly started forgetting about the gang and all the threats but one day I was with my dad outside in the park my mom was there too me and my dad were playing soccer since we didn't have anything to do one of this guys came to him and to my mom I started panicking because I didn't know what to do, my dad started fighting for his life and he started punching the guy really bad but the other one stop him with these 3 words "I kill her" if he didn't stop my dad say kill me instead I love her so he die and the rest of the people got away with it and jump on the van I run to my dad my mom was crying a lot my dad keep her calm a but and the he whisper at me "you will protect your mom and you will be danger I love you son" and then his eyes started closing" I started crying Michelle comfort me since I was sobbing really loud I miss my dad m:"shhh you don't have to talk about it anymore I understand you, I'm so sorry that I talk to you in a rude way before I'm really sorry" she hug me and press me hard a little letting me know she's here and she's listening my sobbing started to slow down and I hug her back me:"please don't leave me" she smile at me while I gave her a confused look m:"I wouldn't leave you for never" that words got me a huge smile on my face I grab her face and smash my lips to hers everything that I felt before it feel likes the first kiss I'm in love~~   

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