My dilemma?

Will everything change when the bad boy starts falling in love? @michelleeeb__


4. Justin?

*POVS Justin's*

since the day I saw her I couldn't stop looking after her until she's mine I know I be with 10 girls or something but no, people thinks I'm the big bad guy that has no feelings or likes to fuck every girl he sees that's not me is just too hard to let girls inside my world but when I saw that beautiful girl I just want to make her mine,she's beautiful,caring,nice but with me she gets all mad and ignorant probably is because of his best friend Austin I hate that fucking kid, I was just kissing her cheek so what? He decided to fight that's alright because I'm the leader of the gang right now everyone calls me danger for a reason? But fortunately I had to go to principal's oh whatever 1 week of suspension? So what i got to the door when Austin pushed me and whisper a:"I will make her mine and you need to back the fuck off!" I got so mad that I took my gun out me:"what the fuck did you say little prick?!? You know I can just shoot you right everyone calls me danger for a reason dumb FUCK!" I was smirking and his face looks terrified he just nodded and walk off I decide to apologize to Michelle and drove off her house yes I was stalking her but whatever I took my cigarette out and smoke it while I drive to her house then I saw it and park my car and walk over her and knock the door~~~

*POVS Michelle's*

i was so mad at Justin like would why do that to my best friend?! Honestly I was mad at Austin too he knows that Justin can kill him in any seconds and the rumors I been hearing about he doing girls in the janitors locker is pretty much disappointed I walk over to my tv since I had shorts pajama on since nobody was here I was alone for a 3 weeks since my parents has to travel the world I decided to look for a movie I was started watching "200 pounds beauty" honestly that movie makes me cry everyday I watch it then I heard a knock on the door who can it be? I check the time and it was about 10 pm in the night oh well maybe it just some newspaper that comes around I guess? Because I never here at times haha I walk over it and opened the door I didn't even had to see the person it was "bieber" I spoke me:"justin?" J:"yeah is me I'm sorry I was acting like a completely ass but I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry for your friend I know I'm trouble like everyone says but hey I do have a heart" he look down I meant I was so sad when he look so upset so I hug him and he hugs right back he hug me tighter and that let me leave a giggle over my mouth he started chuckling too and when I let go he has this more sparkling eyes I never seem him like that and that brings a smile over my face me:"um you want to stay the night? Is pretty dark outside" j:"sure if you don't mind" he smiled and I returned a smile back but then I spoke me:"if your going to stay here no cigarettes or alcohol clear?" He nodded saying j:"yes mom" I gasp and he started chuckling I jump in his back trying to put him down but fail miserable but then he throw me on my big couch and he puts himself over me I couldn't stop myself for nothing because is like he has this spell over me his eyes look so caring with love, and passion he lain closer and closer to my face when he brush his lips over mine I felt fireworks,butterflies, you know all the stuff I though it only came into the movies, our lips are moving in sync I couldn't stop myself and put my body on top of his he smile and we started making out things were getting pretty heated and I didn't want anything to go any further till he spoke j:"please let's wait I want to make it special" I just smile at that and kiss his cheek he started blushing and shaking his head off I got out of his lap and sit on the other side j:" will you be my girlfriend" he was shivering I was like aw and he started blushing like crazy and waiting for my answer I decided to say yes maybe I could change him? Me:"yes I would be your girlfriend" he got so happy that he pick me up and spin me around while I was giggling he kiss me on the lips again and I still feel the same first kid with him, then we decided to go to my bedroom to sleep I insisted that he cannot sleep on my couch because it might be uncomfortable and that he sleeps in my bed but no funny business I put the covers on me waiting for Justin he took everything off except his boxer he looks so sexy and his tattoos looks pretty impressed for me and I couldn't keep my eyes of his dreamy body j:"like what you see?" While he was smirking I blushed and nodded slightly he just chuckle and rolled over the bed and move closer to my body even though it was impossible but oh well he wraps his hands around my waist and bury his face under my neck and wraps our legs around each other and we drove to sleep it was one of the best day ever~~   

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