My dilemma?

Will everything change when the bad boy starts falling in love? @michelleeeb__


7. Jealousy

*POVS Michelle's*

since yesterday Justin opened up to me I was really sad about his past I support him 100% since everything that happen yesterday we got to sleep and it felt perfect ~~ 

the next morning my alarm went off  Justin groaned  j:"babe turn that off please" I just giggled at his laziness but I swear a saw a smile being put in his lips and I smile bright knowing that smile is because of me I turn my alarm off and get out of the bed when someone grab my wrist j:" babe pleas lets not go to school today mm let's go back to sleep" I swear his sleepy voice is the most sexiest thing that I ever heard I just nodded my head not wanting to fight he wraps his arms around my waist and put his face on my side of my shoulder and I could hear his heart beating fast and his little snoring I smile and started looking at his perfect face his perfect pink shaped bump lips his cheekbone his eyes that when you look In them you could fall in love in no sight I think I was staring at his face for a while now because Justin look at me and blush he looks so adorable right now I just giggled and he kissed my forehead I was smiling like a idiot he hugs me tight and let go and try to kiss my lips but I move me:"morning breath" he pouted j:" but I don't care I just need your kiss baby" I was thinking that maybe I could tease him a little since he insisted me:" ok jay" while biting my lip I saw his boner coming out and he try to hide it but fail miserable I was going on top of Justin and he grab my butt and grab it hard that I gasp and I started grinding on him he was moaning try to hide it I started kissing his neck and found his sweet spot he was moaning like crazy I just chuckled at myself knowing I have this effect on him but I got off his lap and he look confused me" you ain't going to get me" I smirk he gasp j:" babe you have to fixed this!" He say while pouting and looking at his boner I just smirk me:" fixed it yourself" I walk to the bathroom and wink before closing the door and started showering 

*POVS Justin's*

Michelle is really amazing ugh while she said while smirking at me m:"fixed it yourself " she turn herself around and seeing her curves moving all in the right places just makes me want to run after her and that ass ugh I just can fuck it all day I know I sound like a rapist but c'mon with a body like that you would die for then I saw her face again and wink at me and closed the bathroom door ugh i my boner wasn't up anymore but she will pay for this I chuckled at myself I walk downstairs started to make my princess breakfast I was making pancakes when I heard a knock I make sure that nothin is going to burn while I open the door and there he was Michelle's "best friend" he looked at me angrily I just smirk just letting him know that I know why he's mad for " a:"where she" he spat on my face ok this kid was getting on my nerves me:" for your information is None of your business she's my girlfriend" I smirk and spat at the same time he looked hurt confused and regret a:" YOUR FUCKING LYING!" My grin got bigger and bigger. By the time j:" ooooo want me to prove it to you?" He just shrugged I call Michelle down me:"babe come down someone is looking for you!" I heard response she came down with this beautiful dress that cover her perfect curves with high heels man that was a turn on and her flawless face she smile at me and kiss me on the lips I looked at Austin and he look furious m:" oh hi Austin" a:" don't oh hi me why would you pick this jerk over me!?!" Me:" don't fucking call me a jerk you fucking pussy!" I was about to punch him but Michelle grab my hand and gave it a squish I calm down m:" Austin I never liked you 

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