Life Can Change

Sasha lives a horrible until Niall comes and saves her


1. Her comes father

Sasha: I was on my bed when I heard steps and then I panicked because I knew it was my father the demon. He screams Sasha you better have your ass in your bed or your gonna die! I quickly jump in my bed and pretend I'm sleeping. But my dad can tell if I'm fake sleeping but he was so drunk last night he just came in the room and looked at me and called mea bitch and then left. Thank god he didn't notice my computer it was on. Then I thought to myself I can't deal with this anymore. So I went into my closet and grabbed a suitcase and packed some clothes and grabbed some money that I have been saving ever since my mom died and my dad had started drinking ever since then. I zipped up my bag and opened my window and went on my roof. I thought it wasn't a big jump so I jumped but I sprained my ankle! And I knew I couldn't go back into the devil house so I walked to the closes park and sat on the bench. As I'm sitting there a cute boy walked by and then notices me look at him and he said hi. 





hey guys this is my second book I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter sorry it's short.

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