Lessons To Learn

Kaitlin Cainwood (19) has lived a hard life. Her parents were killed at the age of 15 and was forced to take over her family's business. She presides as CEO of Cainwood Enterprise and a Ivy League Academy. Every four years, she picks 30 students to participate in a world tour.
Kaitlin is always up to a challenge. But this challenge seems to be the worst she's taken up.
When she has already paid for the Tour, her agent makes a horrible mistake. She accidentally combines the same Tour as One Direction. With nothing else to do. Kaitlin is forced to perform with the Band. Can Kaitlin keep her frustration under control? While staying a whole 8 months on a tour bus with hyper-active boys? Or will she hit the high notes and forget the tour?


2. Price to Pay

Kaitlin's POV

Once the cops left. I decided to go to work on planning the rest of tour. I was currently on the phone with my Travel Agent/ Accounting Tracker, Leslie.

"Leslie! Are you sure that the tour hasn't been reserved already? The last thing I need is combining a tour with a total stranger and having no choice but to perform with them."

Yes. Tour. Every four years I host a world-wide tour for the Arts and pick thirty students that are hardworking to let them see what the experience is like.

"Kaitlin, I promise that everything is under control! I've looked at the schedule for the Concert Arena's and no one else has them booked."

"Leslie, you do realize that I hold a tour every four years, and if something goes wrong. I have to cancel it!" It's not that I didn't trust Leslie, its just that she's made a lot of mistakes. For example, I was heading to New York for a business trip, instead she bought tickets to Wyoming. Kudos for getting me to the United States. Though it was the wrong part of the United States.

"Kaitlin, I have everything under control. I promise." She says reassuringly. "I just need the last payment and tomorrow you can head over to the Agency and sign the contract and your tour can start next week."

With a sigh, I decide to trust her. I logged onto my bank account and sent the money over to her.

"Alright! I have the money!" I'll transfer it right away! Have a good night!" The call went dead. Realizing she hung up. It was weird that she hung up so suddenly. It wasn't like her to do that. Shrugging off the thought. I walked over to the "living room" of my office. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Nothing was on. I had to have flipped through 25 or more channels, only to grow bored.

"Guess I'll stick to the news." I changed the current channel to the news channel and my eyes widened at the story. It was about Walters, and how he attacked me today.

"Robert Walters, was sent to jail today after assaulting Kaitlin Cainwood, CEO of Cainwood Enterprise and Golden Hope Academy, at her office today. Authorities were told by Cainwood that Walters made an appointment to meet with her, asking why she didn't choose his design over another designers design. She told him that his design was inappropriate and immodest to be worn as a Uniform. Angered by her reasons, he leapt at her and started to strangle her. She is in deep gratitude to her assistant Kelsey King for saving her life, by knocking him unconscious."

Police officers were than interviewed about the case. And was closed by saying that the court will determine how many years of prison will be suitable. Shows him right. He's lucky he doesn't get the death penalty.

"Now on to our next story! It's a war! But not just any war! A 1D war that is! In just minutes, One Direction has sold out within minutes of their long awaited Tour of the year. The tour will be determined if they'll hold it this year or the next." I wrinkled my nose in disgust. My mood went from being sweet to sour.

"Yes, and all around England, stores everywhere are offering a special event. Whosoever wins the special event, gets a free concert ticket to see One Direction."

I laughed in disbelief. To think that these boys were all the rage today. Everywhere you go, all you would see is One Direction. They were on everything. You name it, shirts, shoes, posters, tv, they were even on underwear for hells sake. It was disgusting. You're probably asking why do I hate them so much? It's simple really. I dislike people that don't work hard and just get by because of their good looks. People only go to their concerts because if their good looks. Nothing about them shows that they work hard. Not once, have I met a person that says they go for their music. Growing impatient with the news headline. I turned off the TV, grabbed my bag. And headed home. It had been a long day, and sleep was calling me home.

Liam's POV

"Alright... Yes... Of course we'll be on our best behavior... Yes... Okay... Thank you so much.... Alright... Bye."

I got off my phone and placed it in my jean pocket. I turned around and saw boys huddled together. Looking anxiously at me. Niall and Zayn had both their fingers crossed, and Louis was stroking Harry's curls. I raised my hands in the air and cheerfully yelled as loud as I could.

"Alright boys! We're officially ready to perform our tour!" The boys jump up in glee. Louis jumps on top of Harry, Niall goes to the kitchen and shoves his face with Nando's and Zayn tackled me with a hug.

"This is gonna be great!" Niall says with a mouth full of Nando's.

"Mates, this is gonna be the best tour yet!" Louis yells while Harry runs all over the house with him on his back. And Zayn decides to ruffle my hair. Agitated at Zayn ruffling my hair. I pushed him away from me and started doing the same to him.

"So when do we start the tour?" Niall asks between gulps of food.

"They said all we have to do is head over to the agency tomorrow, sign the contract and we're good to go on tour!" I kept ruffling Zayn's hair until he escaped from my grip.

We'd been waiting for a while about the answer on the tour. Let's just say that Simon, our manager had fun tormenting us about things like this.

We had been waiting all night waiting for the call from our director about the answer of whether or not we'd go on Tour this year or the next. We'd been hoping that we'd go this year. To get it over with. So we could spend an entire year with our family and friends.

"Zaynie! Why so glum chum?" Louis got off Harry's back and tackled Zayn with a hug. Zayn looked confused. "Who said I was glum? I'm perfectly fine." He says taking a swig of Coca-Cola. I knew he was lying, he was nervously running his fingers through his hair. Something he always did when something was up.

Zayn was getting over his breakup with Perrie. According to Zayn. Perrie wasn't feeling like they were in a relationship anymore and decided that breaking off the engagement was the best thing for them. Since than Zayn, wasn't doing his best. But since we get to go on tour, Zayn would be able to get his mind off Perrie and would finally move on.

"My friends, this is amazing. We get to spend another eight months together on a bus, traveling all around the world. Nothing can get better than this!" Louis exclaimed plopping down on the couch, taking a swig of his Coca-Cola, "I agree Louis! Nothing could get any better than this!" Niall says through a mouth full of food.

"Mates! What movie do we want to watch?!" Harry exclaimed "How about Bridesmaids?" Niall suggested, shoving a handful of potato chips in his mouth.

"Nah, we've watched that way too many times!"

"How about the Hangover!" I suggest. "Yes! Liam! You always have a backup plan! I knew I loved you for a reason!"

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