Lessons To Learn

Kaitlin Cainwood (19) has lived a hard life. Her parents were killed at the age of 15 and was forced to take over her family's business. She presides as CEO of Cainwood Enterprise and a Ivy League Academy. Every four years, she picks 30 students to participate in a world tour.
Kaitlin is always up to a challenge. But this challenge seems to be the worst she's taken up.
When she has already paid for the Tour, her agent makes a horrible mistake. She accidentally combines the same Tour as One Direction. With nothing else to do. Kaitlin is forced to perform with the Band. Can Kaitlin keep her frustration under control? While staying a whole 8 months on a tour bus with hyper-active boys? Or will she hit the high notes and forget the tour?


8. Prepping for Showtime

Kaitlin's POV

"Ouch! That's my eye!"

"That's what you get when you fidget too much! Now hold still!" I grab ahold of Aaron's face, and continue to apply eye liner on his lower lid. I grab a tissue and gently wipe away the tears that were flowing from his eye. "Is makeup supposed to be this painful?!" He exclaimed jerking his face away from my hand. I blew a strand of hair from my face and move on to placing blush on his cheeks. "No, makeup isn't painful. It's when you, happen to be fidgeting around, is when it's painful!" I smack him upside the head with the makeup brush and he yelps in pain. He looks back at me, while giving me a death glare. "What was that for!"

"For fidgeting too much and glaring at me! Now hold still!" He mumbles under his breath and sits still while I finish his makeup.

It's a key rule that all performers should wear makeup on stage. This prevents the look of looking too fake or pale. It's also a way to show off personality. And hopefully, Aaron's, stubborn personality wouldn't show today.

With a quick dust off with powder I took a step back and motioned for him to leave. "There, you're free to go now." He smiled and darted out the door saying "thanks Miss Cainwood!"

Ever since I became in charge of an Top Ivy League School, you can say that I've learned a lot of things that not many people know how to do. Makeup, being a technician, costume designer, dancer, voice instructor. You name it, I have it down perfectly.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I know what I'm doing." I say muffled, holding a needle between my teeth. Taking the needle out of my mouth I thread the needle into the costume and start patching up the pouch that was to hold the microphone for one of my students. "I apologize Miss Cainwood. I didn't mean for it to happen." She said with a solemn look. "Your fine, we all have accidents." I keep sewing the rip until I get to the area of her waist. I start to knot off the thread, and cut it closely to the knot. Making sure the thread wouldn't come loose. I stand up and motion for her to do a twirl. I observe the way she twirls, making sure the patch up isn't noticeable. "Alright, you're good. Head back to the practice room now." She nods her head and bolts out the door. "Thank you Miss Cainwood!"

I drug myself to the back room, holding my shoes in my hand. The back room was nothing special, it was dirty and full of clothes and other things for the boys and my team. The walls were decorated with graffitti from Zayn, the counter tops that served as the makeup area were littered with Oreo wrappers and other unrecognized food packages. The entire room was a mess, and music was playing, the only thing that was clean was the couch. "Boys... Disgusting."

With a sigh, I plop down on the couch and lie my head down on a pillow. It's incredible to see how many accidents can occur when your only a few minutes away from the show. And that was tiring me out. I must've repaired a total of 5 costumes, fixed 4 of the students makeup. Readjust the lighting in the arena, and repair 9 microphones. Could things get any worse? With a sigh, I closed my eyes, and started to drift into sleep. How much harm could taking a nap be? I placed my phone on vibrate and snuggled closer into the pillow. If anything went wrong, the students could contact Kelsey, after all, she's the assistant boss of everything. I was close to falling fast asleep, until the door suddenly slammed open. "Yoo Hoo! Miss Cainwood!" My eyes fluttered open and my blood started to boil. I sit up from the couch and turn my head to the door. Kelsey was standing there with the biggest grin on her face. "I brought food!" She raised a bag of food in the air, causing it to fill the room with delicious smells, so delicious that it made my mouth water. "Kelsey, I thought you just ate."

"Yeah, well, I was still hungry." She blushed and walked over to sit next to me. She started to pull the food out of the bag and I could see drool forming in the corner of her mouth. "Kelsey. . ."

"Yes Miss Cainwood?"

"Did you seriously leave the arena to get food, when you could have helped me with other important things?" I grab a water bottle sitting on the table by the couch and she starts to fidget nervously. "I-I'm-" I hold up my hand to silence her as I drink from the water bottle. After taking a rejuvenating drink I look back at her "do you know how much could've been finished if I had someone here to help me?" I cross my legs and give her a stern look. Kelsey remained quiet and refused to look at me. "If I do remember correctly, you're supposed to tell me where you are at all times when you are not found at work."

She suddenly raised a package of food and shakes it gently "I brought blueberry crisps!" She said happily "they're your favorite!" I blinked a couple of times and sighed in defeat. She had the upper-hand in this argument. Blueberry crisps were my favorite and whenever Kelsey knew she was in trouble, she carried them with at what seemed like 24/7. I grabbed the package of blueberry crisps, opened the package, and was greeted by its familiar mouth watering flavor. I popped a crisp in my mouth and Kelsey, out of nowhere, starts to blabber my schedule. "In about 2 hours, the concert will start. To let you know, I just visited the students, and they're all practicing. And at 10:30 you need to schedule an appointment with the doctor either in two days or the next week."

"Did you try Dr. Shawn?" I ask popping a blueberry crisp in my mouth. "Dr. Shawn, can't meet this week, he's on his anniversary trip with his wife." I wanted to groan at her response, but I realized that would be very rude. I can't push away love, that would just be cruel.

"Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mayzie, see if she can meet later tonight." Kelsey starts to dial a number on the phone and starts to make an appointment. I close my eyes and hope to tune out all the music and noise coming from Kelsey. At this point, rest is what I needed, and nothing was going to stop me.

"Miss Cainwood? Would you prefer for me to change the music? Along with the boyish gym sock smell in here?" Kelsey asked. I opened an eye and nodded my head. She placed her phone in her bag and walked over to the speaker system and hooked up her iPod to the sync cord. After a few moments, soothing nature like sounds were playing throughout the room, causing me to relax and smile gently.

-1 hour later-

"Kaitlin? Where are you?"

My eyes fly open and I sit up so fast, that I almost launch myself to the floor. I whip my head around looking all over the room. Who was talking? And why did that voice sound so familiar? I look around once again and see no one in the room. I sigh and look at the clock hanging on the wall.

Only thirty minutes till show time. I stretch my arms over my head and yawn. I walk out of the room and decide to head to the next practice room that was located down the hallway. I'd forgotten that I left my notebook in there. I had to address things to my team, and everything was in that notebook.

I opened the door and spotted my notebook on the table. With a hop in my step. I walked over to the table and flipped through pages trying to find the notes I had written down earlier. After finding the page. I was about to head out the door when I heard a voice. "Kaitlin? Can you hear me?" I stopped in my tracks. The hair on my neck stood up and I stood still. That voice, I knew that voice. It was a voice I would never forget. I took a breathe and

"Why are you so scared?" Laughter erupted out of nowhere and goosebumps ran up my arms. I stand up and start to pace around the room. Hoping I was just hearing things, I start to take deep breathes and start to think of my happy place. "I'm okay, I'm just tired. I'm just hearing things. He's not here, he isn't real." I rub my temples and walk over to the mini fridge in the corner of the room. I whip open the door and grab a water bottle. I rip of the lid and start chugging down water.

"Kaitlin? Do you remember me?" I grabbed my head and closed my eyes tight. My head was pounding and I could feel my blood pumping through my ears. "You're not real!" I exclaim. I started to walk backwards and lost my footing along the way. I fell backwards landing hard on my back, the impact was so great, that I felt the air leaving my lungs. I coughed and sputtered while I held my head and tried to refill my lungs with air. "Kaitlin, you can't run!" Laughter rang through my ears causing me to whimper. I was scared and cold sweat was beading on my forehead. The laughter and talking continued in my ears and u didn't know what to do. This had to be an illusion.

"Remember the gift I have you?! It's lovely isn't it? That way you can always remember me!" The scar along my neck started to burn and I suddenly couldn't breathe. The burning intensified and I reached for my phone in my pocket. I dialed Kelsey's number and brought my phone to my ear. It seemed like the phone dialed forever as the laughter grew louder.

"Miss Cainwood!? Where are you!? I've been unable to leave the practice room-"

"Kelsey, I need help!" I shout, covering a hand over my eyes. She stays silent and starts to panic. "Miss Cainwood? Are you alright?! Did something happen?!" Kelsey seemed to scream a million things at me. Causing me not only to panic more. But to grow angry and irritated at her babbling.

"Kelsey!! Will you shut the hell up!! I need help! I've hurt my back and I can't get off the damn floor!!" I shout. At this point tears started to prick in the corner of my eyes. I was scared and nothing was stopping the loud laughter in my ears. I manage to tell Kelsey where I was. "I'll be right there!" The line goes dead and the laughter and talking grows louder and I lie motionless whimpering in pain. At this point, I didn't know how much longer I was going to take.

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