Lessons To Learn

Kaitlin Cainwood (19) has lived a hard life. Her parents were killed at the age of 15 and was forced to take over her family's business. She presides as CEO of Cainwood Enterprise and a Ivy League Academy. Every four years, she picks 30 students to participate in a world tour.
Kaitlin is always up to a challenge. But this challenge seems to be the worst she's taken up.
When she has already paid for the Tour, her agent makes a horrible mistake. She accidentally combines the same Tour as One Direction. With nothing else to do. Kaitlin is forced to perform with the Band. Can Kaitlin keep her frustration under control? While staying a whole 8 months on a tour bus with hyper-active boys? Or will she hit the high notes and forget the tour?


9. Panic

Hey guys! I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been really busy. So I hope you all don't hate me. Happy Easter by the way! Also... I'm in the process of writing a Harry Potter Fanfiction... More news will come about it! Thanks again!

Hope you have a great day!

Kelsey's POV

"Kelsey!! Will you shut the hell up!! I need help!! I've hurt my back and I can't get off the damn floor!!" My blabbering stopped instantly once she screamed those words through the phone. I seemed to be paralyzed and the world just stopped spinning. "Miss Cainwood?! Are you alright?" I grip onto the phone tighter then before "do I need to call the paramedics?!" Sniffling could be heard on the other side and she just whimpered "I need help..." I could hear the fright in her tone and I knew how serious it was. Miss Cainwood, never cried. In fact there was a time when we got into a massive car wreck and she shattered her arm and femur. The doctors called her crazy, every-time they moved her they expected her to cry out in pain. Instead, she just calmly sighed, making them believe she never had any broken bones.

I stripped off my heels and received some weird looks from the stage technicians. "Miss Kelsey? What are you-" I shoved my heels into one of the technician's chest and started running. "Miss Kelsey?!" I sprinted out the door and started running down the hallways. As I ran, people would give me odd states or call out to me. They almost acted like they'd never seen a girl in a business suit run before. I didn't care though, its bad news enough that the concert is going to start in about 45 minutes. But I couldn't risk the fact that Miss Cainwood has just injured herself severely.

I had made my way down to the dressing rooms and rushed to find the spare room. Wait, did sh even specify which room she was in?! Oh! Who cares! I didn't have time to stop and think! Miss Cainwood is injured and is hurting every minute that passes! I blasted through a door and looked around the room and looked around for an injured Miss Cainwood. Nothing, she wasn't there.

Ten minutes had passed and I had already looked through all the spare rooms in the hallway and I started to panic. I paced around biting my nails as I tried to dial Miss Cainwood's number.

"Come on, please pick up." I muttered. Just when I thought she'd answered the phone, it went to her voice mail. "Darn it! Miss Cainwood! Where are you?!" I checked my clock and could see that we only had thirty minutes left until the concert started and I had searched from top to bottom in the hallway. I felt guilt rush over me and I wanted to huddle into a corner an cry. I felt tears prick the corners of my eyes and sighed. I was the worst assistant ever. At this point, I needed to call for help to find Miss Cainwood. Rubbing away the tears I turned around and started to sprint when I hit something and toppled over with it to the floor. "Agh!!"

Louis POV

"Agh!" I toppled over as Kelsey ran into me. Creating a loud smack to sound through the hallway. "Ouch..." I sat up a little rubbing the back of my head. "Omigoodness! Mr. Tomlinson! I am so sorry!" Kelsey said scrambling off me in a hurry. She was blushing as red as a tomato. It was kind of cute, it reminded me a lot of Eleanor. "Your alright love. Not your fault you didn't see me." I sat up placing a hand on my back. For how skinny she was, she sure could pummel someone into the ground hard. "Kelsey, How come your running in such a hurry?" The color left her cheeks and she started to freak out. "Omigoodness! Miss Cainwood?! Can you hear me?!" I went to her and grabbed her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. "Kelsey! Calm down! What's wrong?"

"I can't find Miss Cainwood! And she called me about ten minutes ago saying she's hurt!"! My eyes widened at her statement. Kelsey continued to explain the situation at hand and how she has already checked all the spare rooms in the hallway. "Kelsey did you check all of them?"

"There was one that was locked." I pushed past her making way to the locked door at the end of the hallway. Pulling out the key from my pocket. I made eye contact with the door. Kelsey caught up with me. How on earth did she hurt herself? Was she a klutz? Never in my mind would I think the professional, strict and responsible Kaitlin Cainwood, would hurt herself so shortly before the opening concert. I reached for the door twisting the door knob hard. Seeing it was locked, I slipped the key into the keyhole. Without a sound, Kelsey slipped past me and yelled in shock "Miss Cainwood!!"

Kaitlin was indeed inside the locked door and sure enough, she was on the floor with tears staining all over her cheeks. Kelsey was holding her hand asking questions and rambling all over the place. "Miss Cainwood! I am so sorry! It took me forever to find you! Where do you hurt? Are you...." With a sigh I stepped towards Kelsey and placed a hand on her shoulder to silence her. "Kelsey, breathe." She looks up at me with a look of disbelief. "Kaitlin, what happened?" I bend down to her level and she covers her face and refuses to look at me. "I slipped... On the carpet..." My eyes drifted to the carpet piece in front of her, it was rolled up and turned over, exposing the rough brown layer. "Did you hurt your back?" She refused to answer, the only response she gave was a scowl on her lips. "No, I didn't hurt my back I hurt my toe."

"What? Then-"

"Of course I hurt my back! I wouldn't be lying on the ground if I didn't hurt my back!" She yells using her free hand to smack my cheek. "Ouch!" My skin started to sting. For someone who was injured she still knew how to pack a punch. "That's no way to be treating your rescuer now, is it?" She peeped through a gap in her fingers and looked at me. "Rescuer? What are you-"

"UPSIE DAISY!" I slinked my arms underneath her and picked her up so I was carrying her bridal style. "Absolutely not!"

"Why not? You needed help so you're getting some."

"PUT ME DOWN!" She started to thrash around for a few seconds only to be silenced by herself. A smirk came to my face and I raised an eyebrow "Ah! See if you keep thrashing around like that. You're just going to hurt yourself!" I gently poke her nose in a display of happiness. Only to get back a look of death from her face. "Louis? Don't you think we should wait until some help comes? Like with a wheelchair?" I laugh at her comment. "Psh! Wheelchairs are so overrated!" I said glancing down at Kaitlin "don't fret citizen! Superman is here!"

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