Lessons To Learn

Kaitlin Cainwood (19) has lived a hard life. Her parents were killed at the age of 15 and was forced to take over her family's business. She presides as CEO of Cainwood Enterprise and a Ivy League Academy. Every four years, she picks 30 students to participate in a world tour.
Kaitlin is always up to a challenge. But this challenge seems to be the worst she's taken up.
When she has already paid for the Tour, her agent makes a horrible mistake. She accidentally combines the same Tour as One Direction. With nothing else to do. Kaitlin is forced to perform with the Band. Can Kaitlin keep her frustration under control? While staying a whole 8 months on a tour bus with hyper-active boys? Or will she hit the high notes and forget the tour?


6. A New Adventure!

Kaitlin's POV

"Well Clark, we have some spectacular news to share with you today!"

"Do tell Abby!"

"It seems that the popular boy band, One Direction is going to combine tours with the one and only Kaitlin Cainwood and her tour team! They claim that the team will be performing with the band and will be doing many things to come. Simon Cowell says that he'll be sending an email out to those who have purchased tickets to answer a survey to make the concert even better than before!"

"Well Abby! I'm pretty excited about this. I'm taking my daughter to see 1D this weekend for her birthday, and she also happens to be a huge fan of Kaitlin Cainwood and her work."

"Well Clark, she's going to be in the thrill of her lifetime when she hears about this one!" The news reporters laugh and I being disgusted turn off the TV. "Ridiculous, I can't believe I signed up for this." Kelsey looks at me as I throw the remote on the couch. "Miss Cainwood..." She begins "don't tell me your going to go back on the decision?" I shake my head and walk over to my desk. "I can't turn back on the decision now, I've already signed the papers. And it's already on every news channel imagined." I throw my feet on the desk and sigh, "I should've thought about my parents first before I made the decision." Kelsey gazed at me with goo-goo eyes. "I'm sure your parents are thinking you did the right thing Miss Cainwood. I bet they think you made the best decision."

My eyes landed on my family portrait sitting on my desk in a glass frame. The last family picture I took with them. We were in Hawaii, with the sunset perfect as could be. We were all wearing white with pink lei's around our necks. Me and my mother were wearing matching lace sundress with bright blue fingernail polish while my father was wearing shorts with a button down shirt. My parents were a gorgeous couple, they weren't perfect. But in my eyes I thought they were the most perfect people I knew. They were kind, caring, understanding and well behaved people with a touch of humor on the side. My mother, Camille, was beautiful with or without makeup. She had cascading dark brown wavy hair that went to her waist. She had a model like face and perfect rosy cheeks. My father was very handsome, he had light brown hair and green eyes. He always kept a clean shaven face, but I had always preferred him with a little bit of stubble. It made him more dashing. They were the most responsible out of anyone I had ever met. I never thought anything would happen to them until I came home one day and found them dead. I reached a hand up to my scar and slowly traced it with my hand. Sending shivers down my spine. Picking up the picture I started to question them. Mom, Dad? Did I make the right choice? Did I make you proud? If so, please give me some sign.

"Miss Cainwood?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked back at Kelsey. I cleared my throat and tried to change the subject "Kelsey, what's on my schedule today?" Her eyes lit up and she smiled a grin that went ear to ear. "Ah! Yes! Well, at 12:15 you are going to take your the team down to the arena to practice with One Direction for the first concert in London tonight!" She clapped her hands as if she was a little girl. Looking at my watch I saw that if was 12:00. "Are they all packed and ready to go on the bus?" She nodded her head and smiled "I made sure to wake them up at the campus very early this morning! So they had enough time to pack everything they needed. I also brought them breakfast so they wouldn't complain."

"Very good, send me the bill and I'll make sure that you receive compensation for whatever you spent on breakfast." She nodded her head and pulled out a handful of keys "shall we head out then?" I stood up, grabbed my bag, and headed out of the office. "Miss Cainwood! Do you prefer a driver to bring you there!" Kelsey grabbed my shoulder and I sighed. "Kelsey, I'm not a spoiled rich kid. I can drive myself." I snatched the keys out of her hands and sighed. I could already tell this day was going to hit a rough patch.


Liam's POV

"So mates, what did you think of Kaitlin Cainwood?" Harry asks with a smirk. Zayn who was practicing his spray painting skills replies with "I didn't think she was going to be so young." I nod in agreement "yes, I've never seen pictures of her before, but ever since we signed a contract with her. The social media is posting pictures of her everywhere." We all knew that Kaitlin Cainwood kept a low profile of her identity, in fact, the only thing that we knew about her was that she ran two family businesses. But now the paparazzi was everywhere trying to get as many pictures as they could. "I thought she was rather attractive, despite the fact that she almost killed Simon." Louis said munching on some crisps. We all laughed at his comment "I don't think I've ever seen Simon so terrified in my life!" Harry said throwing a bouncy ball at the wall. "I thought she was very mature." Harry laughed at Niall's comment "Niall, of course she's going to be mature. There's a reason why she's a CEO and a headmaster. If she wasn't mature, her career would be going down the toilet." I rolled my eyes while shaking my head. "She seems very responsible to me. She must get really busy." Zayn commented picking up a different color of spray paint. He slipped the mask over his face again and continued to paint the wall. "It's not easy being in charge of things. Take a look at Simon, he's being called 24/7 for work and other things. He hardly gets to relax." Harry throws the bouncy ball at me and I effortlessly catch it in my hands. "So that's why he's grumpy." He says with a smirk, "I think it's the same way with Kaitlin, she's a sourpuss because she's so busy." Louis stated. I glance over at the time and see that it's 12:13. "Alright boys, we need to head inside the arena. We promised to meet Kaitlin at 12:15." Zayn stopped spray painting and gave a nod. "Sounds good to me."


Kaitlin's POV

"Hello! We're One Direction!" My eyebrow twitched as I heard them say that in perfect synchronization. Kelsey on the other hand, started blushing and did a little squeal. "Yes, I'm pretty sure I know who you are." I said with a roll of eyes. My dislike of boy bands was pretty strong, but seeing that I was going on tour for the next eight months with them was going to send my tolerance level through the roof. "Ah, but are you sure you know all of us individually?" A boy asked waving a finger at me with a cheeky smile. I sighed and shook my head. "No, I guess I don't."

"Very well! We shall introduce you to us! My name is Louis Tomilson, I am the leader of the band and my hobbies include playing football and I love Robbie Williams." He smiled cheekily and patted the boy with the curly brown hair next to him. "It's your turn Harry!" Harry looked at him with a confused expression and faced me. "I'm Harry Styles, and I'm the youngest of the group."

"He's also the flirt of the band!" Louis called out, Harry rolled his eyes but continued to talk "and my favorite song is "Free Falling" by John Mayor, and I find swearing a turn off." Louis clapped his hands slowly and yelled "Bravo! Encore! Encore!" I sighed and looked at Kelsey. She didn't pay attention to me, she was all goo-goo eyes all over the boys and stood as still as a statue. I looked back to see the blonde waving at me. "I guess I'll go next, my names Niall Horan, I'm the Irish one of the group. I'm also known as the funny one. I love Nando's and I love to play the guitar." He laughed a little and looked at Liam. He greeted me with a smile and stuck his hand out for a handshake. I graciously shake his hand and says "I'm Liam Payne and I'm the smart one. And I like Disney Movies and I like to play basketball. It's very nice to meet you." I couldn't help but smile at his introduction. He smiled back at me one more time and looked at the black haired boy obviously distracted by something else. "Zayn, it's your turn." Liam placed a hand on Zayn's shoulder. He snapped his head in my direction and blinked a couple of times before going "oh!" He turned himself to face me and shyly smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Zayn Malik. For some reason I'm known as the vain one of the group. But I consider myself the quiet one. I like to draw and I'm afraid of heights." He blushed a little and turned his face away from me. Louis clapped his hands and looked at me with a grin. "Well! That's all of us! Now it's your turn!" Louis pointed a finger at Kelsey and she blushed bright red "m-me?"

"Yes! You! You'll be on the tour with us right?" Kelsey quickly nodded her head and began to speak. "W-well, my name is Kelsey King. I'm 24 years old and I graduated in Business and Accounting two years ago. My hobbies include running and I like John Mayer." Liam gasped a little and fist bumped the air. He came towards Kelsey for a high five. "You're my new favorite person!" Kelsey high fives him and her blushing became even brighter. "T-thanks." She stammered. Louis looked at me and gestured for me to go. "It's your turn Kaitlin." I sighed and started to introduce myself. "I'm Kaitlin Cainwood, I'm known as being hardworking, responsible, and mature. My favorite genre of music is alternative and I enjoy making a difference in others lives."

"Oh! Fascinating!" The boys clapped in what seemed to be like awe and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. "Well, now that the introductions are over. How about we discuss the game plan for Golden Hope Academy?" I turned around and saw Simon walking in with a clipboard in his hand. "Good afternoon, Kaitlin, you're looking charming today." He hands me the clipboard and walks to the boys. "The clipboard I handed you is the total number of votes of the fans of what they your team to perform at all the concerts this year." I looked through the number of choices that I picked that would be fun and inviting for the audience. There was a two way tie. The choices consisted of "Carrying the Banner" by Newsies and "You Can't Stop the Beat" from Hairspray. Than the last choice that had been selected was "My Immortal" by Evanescence. "So what are the choices?" Niall asked with interest shining in his eyes. "The choices came at a two way tie. Carrying the Banner by Newsies and You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray. Including a special dance performance by a couple." I say, "they're both mute and unable to sing, though they do have a lot of charisma which earned them a spot to being able to dance for the concerts." Niall's eyes widened in belief and smiled "that's amazing! I can't wait to see the performance! This is gonna be the best tour yet!" I sighed and looked at the time. If this was going to be the best tour yet. I was going to have to work my students hard at rehearsal. Because if this was a life or death situation. If the performances were bad, that meant my schools reputation, along with my company would go downhill. Which was something that I hoped my students would be prepared for. And little did I know, this was just the beginning of this new adventure.


Hey peeps! Sorry if the update took so long! I hope this chapter doesn't seem a little rushed. Anyway! Have a great day!


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