Lessons To Learn

Kaitlin Cainwood (19) has lived a hard life. Her parents were killed at the age of 15 and was forced to take over her family's business. She presides as CEO of Cainwood Enterprise and a Ivy League Academy. Every four years, she picks 30 students to participate in a world tour.
Kaitlin is always up to a challenge. But this challenge seems to be the worst she's taken up.
When she has already paid for the Tour, her agent makes a horrible mistake. She accidentally combines the same Tour as One Direction. With nothing else to do. Kaitlin is forced to perform with the Band. Can Kaitlin keep her frustration under control? While staying a whole 8 months on a tour bus with hyper-active boys? Or will she hit the high notes and forget the tour?


4. A Mistake?!

Was up peeps? How's your day? So I'm going to apologize really quick, I'm gonna be heading out on vacation in just a week. And I'll be gone for two weeks. So I apologize if I don't update much this week or the next two. It's most likely that I'm packing... Or just eating food. Anyways! Enjoy the next chapter!

Love Kaitlynthehawk


Zayn's POV

"Zayn! It's time to wake up!" Niall knocked on the bedroom door. I moaned and rolled to the other side of my bed. All I wanted was to sleep. My mates on the other hand thought differently. I stayed up too late, and my headache was proving that theory. "Zayn! Rise and shine sunshine!" The boys opened the door and started to shake my shoulder. "Leave me alone..." I mumble pulling the covers over my head. "Zaynie! Time to wake up! Places to go and people to see!" Louis ripped the covers off me and I groaned once more.

I covered my head with a pillow. Hoping to muffle the boys noise. It didn't help, soon the boys were jumping on my bed and on top of me. I heard a knock on the door and a sweet voice coming through the door. "Harry, could you and the boys please quiet down? The neighbors are starting to complain." The sweet voice belonged to Harry's mum. I peeled the pillow off my head and sat up slowly. "Sorry mum" the boys apologized. "Hello, mum..." Anne didn't like it when we addressed her as "Anne" so we decided to call her mum. Since she treats us like her real children. Anne smiled at me "Good morning Zayn, I hope the boys didn't wake you up." She jokes. I laugh and run my hand through my hair. "No, not at all mum." I say with a roll of eyes. Anne chuckles "Boys, Simon called me earlier, reminding you that he's going to pick you up at 11:30. Go get dressed and come quickly downstairs for breakfast."

"Thanks mum!" Harry enveloped her into a hug and gave a kiss on her check. She did the same and walked out the door. I sighed and stretched my arms over my head. "Let's get moving boys!" Louis yells. "Including you Zaynie!" Louis throws a shirt in my face and a pair of pants. "Get moving sweetheart!" With that statement the boys slammed the door and left me alone in the room. I slip the shirt over my head and sigh. This was going to be a long day.

Dragging my feet downstairs, I walked to the kitchen to see the boys eating pancakes. Niall had a plate stacked high. Louis was eating a carrot as usual. Harry was helping cook pancakes with Anne. And Liam was talking on the phone. "Ah, Zayn! You finally came down." Anne looked at me and handed me a plate of pancakes. "Thanks mum..." I say quietly, taking a seat at the table. Her smile vanished and her eyes looked into mine full of worry. "Zayn? Is something wrong?" Anne walked over and placed a hand on my forehead. "You don't feel warm. Are you feeling ill?" She tilts her head to the side, her voice filled with worry. "I'm just fine, mum. Just tired." I take a bite of my pancake and Anne came over and gave me a hug. "Sweetie, you know you can talk to me about anything. If there's something bugging you. Don't be afraid to keep it all to yourself." She gives my arm a squeeze and I couldn't help but smile. "Thanks mum. That means a lot."

"Yeah! Don't forget you have your best mates!" Louis declared, whilst tackling me with a hug. "You know we can talk about our feelings, right darling?" He cooed. "Shut up! Your freaking me out!" I shoved his face away causing the boys and Anne to burst out in laughter.


"Mr. Cowell! It is so good to see you again!"

We walked into Leslie's office. She currently worked as Simon's Travel/Business agent. She was a standard sized woman that had black hair pulled into a bun, chocolate brown eyes, and wore a dark brown business suit. She shook hands with Simon and greeted him with a smile. "The same to you Leslie."

"These must be your boys? Am I correct?" She looked at all of us, "Indeed you are." He chuckles. She extends a hand towards me and smiles "Leslie Churchill, it's an honor to meet you. My niece is a huge fan!" I shake her hand and she does the same with the rest of the boys. "Please take a seat." She gestured to the chairs. We all sat down and Simon started to discuss the Tour with Leslie. They went over prices, events that were going on during the tour, and asked what sponsors should present.

"Can we have Nando's sponsor?" Niall begged. Leslie chuckled with a nod of her head. "We can make it a plan."

They talked for almost an hour. Niall kept himself busy by playing flappy bird on his phone. Liam fell asleep and had his head resting on Niall's shoulder. Louis was texting Eleanor, and Harry was reading a magazine. I, myself, kept zoning out and thinking about my breakup with Perrie. I didn't know what happened. Yesterday, it seemed like she was the happiest girl alive. Than the next day came, and she wanted to break-up. I tried to figure out what I did wrong. Only nothing came to me. I treated her with respect, told her that I loved her and that she was beautiful. I held her when she cried. Just what did I do wrong?

"Yes! Everything is to be finalized! I snapped out of my trance and looked at Leslie. Simon handed her a paper and she started typing on her computer. "Thank you for your time, Leslie. I'm sorry if this took so long." Simon apologized. She snickered "Mr. Cowell, you don't have to apologize! It's a long process to do this. I don't mind at all." She pulled out a paper and pen and handed it to Simon. "Now, if you'll just sign at the bottom of this paper. The tour will be ready to go!" Simon signed the paper and handed it to Leslie. "Perfect! Now I just need to transfer the paper. And you'll be good to go!" She smiles and looks at us.

"Are you boys still alive back there?"

"All of us are still breathing!" Louis responds. Leslie chuckles at Louis joke and starts typing in her computer. "I apologize if that took so long you guys-" Leslie stopped mid-sentence and stayed quiet. A look of panic, flashed across her face. I looked at Liam and he looked confused. "Is she alright?" He mouthed to me. I shrugged my shoulders and looked back at Leslie. "Is something the matter, Leslie?" Her typing suddenly grows unsteady and the look of despair grows.

"U-uh no! O-of course not! It just seems that somehow the bank has made a wee permanent mistake..." Simon raises an eyebrow and looks confused. "Did the funds not transfer correctly?" He asked.

"W-well no that's not it.... It seems that the bank combined your money with someone else." Simon raised and eyebrow in confusion.

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"Well, it means that you and someone else have..." Her voice grew quiet at the end of her sentence, and no longer was audible. Simon scowled "I'm sorry, but could you please speak up? I'm afraid I lost you." Leslie took a breath and repeated herself.

"It means that you and someone else have combined tours with each other..." She started to bite her nails in worry as Simon stood there silently with no expression on his face. "Simon?" Niall asked with worry being recognized in his tone. "You alright there mate?" Louis walked over and placed a hand on Simon's shoulder in worry.

"I'm sorry, Leslie, I must of heard wrong. Could you repeat what you said?"

"I said that the bank... Has accidentally combined you and someone else to go on tour together."

Simon slammed his hands on the desk in rage. He had a look of death in his eyes.


At that moment, the door flew open and there, stood a girl of my age in a rage.



Sorry if the update took so long! I hope you enjoyed this chapter !

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