Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


9. Chapter 9

I took my seat having trouble breathing from being shocked from the sight of Elliot. I wasn't expecting him to be in an orange suit and handcuffed already. I had only reported him just a little over one hour ago. Liam sat down beside me and I sat there uneasy and restless. Liam just held my hand tightly and I gave him a glance that said.'thank you .' He just nodded in return and reassurance. The court room began to fill with police officers and officials. Elliot sat across from me and if looks could kill, I'd be dead at least 50 times already and the meeting hasn't even started. Liam and Elliot gave each other death stares and the meeting had finally begun. The officer tapped my shoulder motioning for me to stand and show my bruises. I stood up and moved the strap of my tank top and proved Elliot has abused me recently. The officer nodded and directed Liam and I to stay in the room and Elliot was escorted out of the room. I just looked at Liam and he finally broke the awkward silence.

"You alright baby girl?"

"Yeah I'm fine." I replied nervously.

"Anne I can see right through you. I know your not okay."

"Liam honestly, I'm a wreck right now. Elliot is going to prison, hopefully, and I don't know what happens now. I just don't know."

"Babe. I love you and I don't want to see you hurt. You need to talk to me and tell me what's going on in that pretty little mind of yours."

"Liam it's complicated and you wouldn't understand even if I did explain and if I tried to explain you would be upset with me and then I wouldn't have you anymore."

"No matter how crazy you get I will always understand and love you Anne." Liam said with a chuckle.

I just smiled and began to explain that i, deep down, didn't want Elliot to go to prison because I did love him at one point. Liam understood where I was coming from. He just sat there,uneasy and restless like I was before the meeting. I did the same thing he did for me, holding his hand and rubbing circles on his perfect skin. The officer walked back in and my heart began to race and I was waiting for the news...

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