Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


8. chapter 8

Liam and I lay there and I realised it was Saturday and we had the court meeting today about getting the restraining order put on Elliot. The meeting was at 10:30 and it was almost 9:45. I was panicking and shaking Liam up so we wouldn't be late.

"Liam wake up!! We have court today!" I screamed as I threw pillows at him.

He quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom where he was already turning on the water to shower. I had taken a shower when we got home so I just brushed and curled my hair. I put on a spring dress that showed my tattoos and bruise along with a pair of rainbow braid sandals. Liam wore his hair pushed over to the side like always, a suit and blue tie. He looked great and we ran out the door with sweats in our hands for after the meeting. Once we got there I laid my head back and put my hands over my face. Liam just grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug being careful to avoid my bruises. I tried to fight back the tears and being successful. I looked at Liam for a moment before we were already inside the court room and seated. I didn't expect to see the sight that I saw...


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