Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


7. Chapter 7

Mrs Merriam gave Liam some papers to fill out and directed us to court on Saturday. Its Friday and I am so glad. Liam grabbed my hard and we walked out the door. Liam opened the door for me and I sat down in the car. He soon walked around the car and did the same.

"How do you feel Anne?"

"Good. Fine."

"I'm not buying it babe."

"Actually I'm a nervous wreck. Liam I'm scared to death." I said with tears rolling down my face.

"Anne your going to be fine. It's okay." He said convincingly , placed his hand on my knee and softly kissed my temple. I just felt warm inside and leaned onto the window and just stared; lost in thought.

"You alright?"

"Yes Liam I'm fine." I said more convincingly this time.

"Alright. You need some rest " he said as we got out of the car eventually arriving at his flat.

I followed him into his room in which we changed into our sweats and lied down together. Liam just looked into my blue orbs and ran his fingers thru my hair. I lightly kissed his upper lip and got up to put in a film. I chose "The Purge Anarchy" because I am terrified of horror movies and it's just a way to get Liam to hug me the whole movie. (Girls have good minds.. By the way ;))


Liam ended up holding me there for the whole movie and after it was over I turned over to look at his beautiful face.

"Hey beautiful. Were you scared? You were sweating like a whore in church and shaking like mad." He said with a slight chuckle.

"Nope, I just wanted you to hug me(:" I said with a smirk plastered across my face.

"You arse!" He said chuckling at himself for not seeing right thru me. I hugged him tightly and he just laughed. It seemed like hours went by with just Liam laughing at nothing for no good reason. He finally stopped and I was grateful the chipmunk had shut up.

"I love you Anne." Liam said this time more fluent and more meaningful than the first time.

"I love you too Liam. I love you too."

"You have been hiding something from me Anne and I can tell every time words fall out of your mouth. You need to tell me."

I have been hiding that my Dad was abusive when I was little and when I was in third grade he died in a car crash. It really was what was bothering me because I have dealt with at least one person who was abusive practically my whole life. Liam deserved to know about me and who I am and my life story. He really should know.

"Liam there is something, actually a lot of things I've been keeping from you as long as I've known you since kindergarten." I said with my voice cracking due to me trying to hold back tears.

"What have you been keeping from me?" He said nervously as he grabbed my hand underneath the duvet.

"My life." I said now tears rolling down my fave and me only being able to muster out words here and there.

"Tell me what you haven't already."

"I've shut you out of my life Liam and there's a lot I haven't said."


I told Liam everything there was to know about my dad and the car crash.

"What made you get that tattoo?" Liam asked me quizzically.

"I wanted my life to be perfect with me my mom and my dad with no problems and it represents us as a perfect family." I said looking down and pulling the sheets up to my chin.

"That's a big dream. I hope it can become true for you someday and maybe the position you're in someday, whenever that may be, will change so you are the middle sized bird and the other two birds are .... Me and our son/daughter." Liam said stroking my hair and looking into my orbs with tears in his eyes. I really wanted to believe him. I really did. I want to be away from Elliot. And away from everything negative about my life and just make everything better and okay for once in my life. Start over. All I want is a fresh start.

"That would be great Liam. But let's finish high school first!" I said chuckling and him laughing along with me. He just nodded through laughter and laid we laid there together what seemed like forever. Liam finally stopped laughing and rolled over on his side facing me.i turned over, faced the same way and we fell asleep again. Together.

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