Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


4. Chapter 4

I sat down in first lesson with Liam right beside me . He looked at me several times during first lesson and I checked my phone. There were 2 messages from Liam.

When can I tell?-L


I responded: no u can't. Remember wht I said? -A


Thanks Li-A


Yeah:) - A

okay whatever-L

Love you.-A

Love you too- L

He looked over at me with a smile. I returned the smile and began to write my report and solve my math homework that I didn't do. Liam just chuckled at me, knowing he was perfect at doing homework and school work. He sat there staring at his paper like he was blank. I sent him another message.

Are you alright?-A

Yeah I'm fine. - L

You seem out of it. -A

I know. Just tired- L

okay.- A

Don't worry about me- L

Alright. Let's get back to work and get your head out of the clouds.-A

Alright:)- L

I put my phone back into my pocket and got back to my assignment. Liam was shifting on his place and was uncomfortable.

"Liam" I whispered


"Stop moving. Your fine."

"I need to talk to you after class, Anne."


I was so worried of what he might say to me. It seemed like minutes turned to hours. The bell finally rang and I had done only half of my work. Liam grabbed my arm as I walked out the door. I turned around and saw worry hatred and anger. Liam took me back to the field and we sat down together. He just looked at me.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Elliot, Anne. He knows your with me right now. We have to go to the police department right now. They have to put him on a restraining order so he can't hurt you anymore."

"okay" was all I managed to say and Liam pulled me into a hug. The tears were back. I cried as Liam rubbed circles as he held my hand. I love him. He's so comforting and knows how to treat someone.

"Thank you Liam."

"For what? I put you in danger."

"For being there for me when no one else was." I whispered through tears.

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