Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


3. Chapter 3

Liam and I sat down at the table and ate our chicken penne. After that I went to the bed and laid down. We had school tomorrow and we couldn't skip again. Liam came and laid beside me and we fell asleep.


It's 6:30 am and Liam and i are going to school together. I don't know what people would think about me and Liam dating so I talked to him on the ride to school. I placed my hand on his leg and began to say what I had to say to him.

"Liam we can't let anyone know were dating. It will just cause publicity and rumors that we don't have time for."

"okay. Well then if you want then I won't tell anyone."

"Thank you Liam. If Elliot heard about it who knows what he would do to both of us. And speaking of Elliot, aren't we going to the police department at 3? "

"Yes, Anne. " Liam said as he drove keeping his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel with a tight grip.

We arrived at school and Liam took my hand. He hid our fingers that were intertwined with his coat. I looked at him concerned and he said, "it's okay Anne." I just smiled and fought the tears really hard.


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