Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


11. Chapter 11

Elliot is a major distraction. He's become a focus of mine instead of Liam or school. My grades are going down and I don't know what to do. I have no family. Liam still doesn't know that my mom is dead and my dad is in jail and who knows where my brother Zach is. All I know is that I lost my best friend Austin last year. He still talks to me but sine Kate and Liam came along we've been growing apart and I don't like it. I know this isn't about Austin but I miss him. I need a friend back in my life other than Liam. Kate hates me. I'm missing my old best friend. I'm dating Liam. I have an abusive ex who's in jail. I have no money. No place to live. My life is totally fucked right now and I have no idea what in the gel I'm going to do about my life. I need help and being alone and without Liam isn't solving any of my hopeless problems. I need to see him.

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