Its complicated...

(L,SC) Anne has an abusive boyfriend and has to make three huge decisions to protect her life. Will she choose correctly?


1. Chapter 1

I never was one to be noticed or have a bunch of friends. I always just sit in the back of the clas living with everything being a struggle and just getting by. I woke up today feeling good for a change and I guess you can say a good change. I walked into the bathroom looking at myself and the bruise that was visible on my shoulder blade right next to my 3 bird tattoos. I looked down to the floor remembering last night and suddenly I wasn't in such a good mood.


"What the hell Anne?!?!"

"What's wrong with you?"

"You know you slept with that bastard like two nights ago! You cheated on me!"

"Elliot I never slept with anyone because you are too fucking abusive to me!"

"Don't you ever say that about me Anne!" He said as he shoved me into the wall soon smacking my face afterwards. A tear was threatening to escape my eye as I reached up and wiped it away. I stared him straight in the eye and told him exactly what I felt. " I wake up everyday hoping to fucking die because of you! You are the bastard making me sleep with you every night!" He looked at me and punched me right beside my tattoos. I screamed in his face and kicked him in the shin. He winced in pain and sank to the floor. I walked out making sure to grab a loaded gun on my way.


I looked down at the purple bruise on my shoulder and I saw a wet spot on my bruise. I looked back in the mirror and saw my face was covered with tears. I wiped them away looking into my own orbs. They were a darker blue than usual. I got ready for school and ran down the stairs already late for the first day back. I stopped when I saw the pistol lying on the table from last night. I looked from the gun to my bag. If Elliot was out to get me then I needed to defend myself. It's sad that I can't depend on my school to protect me during the day from him. I put it in my bag and if I got in trouble if show my scars he's given me and the very recent bruise. Then I would tell them that that was a act of self defence. I went into school with the bag clenched in my fist waiting for Kate to show up. She was the only friend I've had since junior high. I looked at my half broken phone, thanks to Elliot, and saw 5 messages from Kate and 3 missed calls and 4 voicemails.

Hey are you ok?-K

Hey I'm getting worried...-K

You need to call me I'm worried-K

Please Anne?-K

Okay if you don't then I'll see you tomorrow at school. -K

I responded: meet me by my locker-A

Ok- K

She responded almost instantly and I knew she had been checking her phone every five minutes. I was opening my locker and putting the bag with the gun in it in my locker when she walked up. It was still August and it was still warm. I was wearing a tank top showing my tattoos and fresh purple and splotchy bruises. She stopped in front of me and just covered her mouth with one hand and drug me away from my locker closing it in the process. She turned around and faced me with a tear stained face.

"What the hell did he do to you, Anne?" She managed to muster out.

" he just hit me. It's nothing, Kate." I said with a rather calm tone.

"Anne you have to stop fucking around and pull you shit together! Dump his sorry ass and leave! You have to do something! Him hitting you is against the fucking law and you know that! You have to get away Anne. You are better than that and worth more!" She screamed in my face while we were sitting on the benches in the court yard. She looked up at me and saw tears frequently rolling down my cheeks. The sad thing was that she was right and I was wrong.

"You know what Kate? I can handle myself without this okay? You have no clue what in the hell fucked up my shitty life ! You have no clue! This isn't a dream or a good time. It may be a good time for you, but this is what I call life okay? I don't even have gas money for the 30,000 dollar car at my house! I have to steal food at lunch and put it in my bag to eat later! For me this is what I call life and it's mine to deal with!" I shouted then walked away from her leaving her on the benches of the court yard. On my way back in I was crying and wasn't watching where I was going and ran into a quite familiar guy. Liam looked down at me and saw my tear stained face and the bruise on my shoulder. I looked down in shame, apologized, and began to walk away when he grabbed my arm. I turned around and saw a tear rolling down one of my best friend's cheek. He pulled me into a tight hug and we walked hand in hand to the multi purpose field and sat down in the very center. He sat beside me and stared off and I could tell he was thinking up hell. I lied down and rolled onto my side. I started crying and I felt a hand on my back. I flinched and jerked away from Liam who was just trying to comfort me.

"I'm sorry Liam. I'm just a bit paranoid. "

"Anne, you need to get away. He's gone right now to buy beer. Every day he does at 3 o'clock. We can go everyday and clean some of your stuff out and find you a place to rent. It will be alright if you get away."

I sat there staring at Liam for a few minutes before I opened my mouth to speak even though he has heard it all already. He just covered my mouth with his strong hand.

"I've heard it all before Anne. You have to move out. You have to get away from his ass." He said.

I just shook my head and fell onto Liam. He sat me on his lap and I nuzzled my head into his chest just sitting there forgetting my life. I fell asleep and then began to dream.

Liam's POV

She was beautiful when she slept. She had her head in my chest and her arms around me. Her eyebrows began to furrow. Her hands clenched my shirt and she started to hurt me as she squeezed my waist as hard as she could. I was shaking her to wake her up to stop the pain she was causing me.

*DREAM* (also Anne's POV)

"Stop Elliot! I'm not yours to treat this way !!" I screamed as he shoved me into the wall and started punching me. I was dying and no one was there to save me or even help me. I closed my eyes and I woke up to be on the field with Liam who had a tear rolling down his cheek. I wiped it away and calmed him by rubbing circles on his cheeks. His brown eyes were full of worry and he started to speak.

"Tell me."

"It was Elliot. He was abusing me in my fucking sleep! "

"You have to go away Anne. " he said to me and hugged me. We stood up and he took me back to his house. He directed me to his room and told me to sleep. I looked around and there were books and laptops and papers organized into drawers.

"Wow Liam. This is amazing."

"Thanks. " he said and pointed towards the bed. I lied down and pulled the white duvet over myself. He started to walk out after kissing me on the forehead.

"Liam, wait. Please stay with me. I'm scared."

I was shaking like mad scared to death that Elliot would find me.

"okay." He responded and sat in the chair beside the bed. I patted the spot beside me on the bed and he looked at me questionably and tilted his head. I shook my head in approval and he snuggled close to me. He was hesitant but then soon wrapped his arm sound my side and we fell asleep together that way.. Together.

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