From Killer to Queen

Rissa is a Queen, but not of a county. She is the Queen of party but she also has a dark side. During the day she goes to college, in the evenings she kills people and at night she partys. Every thing is going great until something or should I say someone gets in her way. This someone knows she's hiding something but what? Will this guy find out what it is? Or will Rissa have to take care of him in the only way she knows how, even if it breaks her code?


1. Intro

Rissa POV


Hi I'm Clarissa Lucy Robertson but everybody calls me Rissa. Well I guess you're wondering a little bit about me. Well first I - hold on a minute I have to finish something.  "Please don't hurt me, I - I didn't do anything wrong!" he cried, begging for me not to hurt him. "Didn't do nothing? Last time I checked raping and killing woman was doing something wrong." I said mad. I hate when they cry and beg, it sickens me. "Please I - I'm sorry!" Ugh. I'm tried of hearing this. If I was in his position I would want to die with some dignity. "Shut up! I hate when people beg! Just shut the fuck up! Your a fucking low life loser who deserves nothing in life! Now stop being suck a fucking pussy!" I screamed at him while I plunged my knife right though his heart. At least he finally shut up. Ugh I hate the pussy's, they are so fucking annoying. Whatever now clean up time but first let me finish what i was saying before the cocksucker woke up. I know what you're thinking, yes I am a killer but I don't kill random people, I kill people who deserve it like, rapist, murders, kidnappers and more. The ones who were caught but not sent to jail because of some fuck up or whatever. I'm 21 and go to the University of California, were I'm known as the Queen of party's. Nobody goes to a party unless I go or if they do it's one of the most boring party's ever. I'm a pretty good student, I get B's mostly and that's really good considering the fact that I party every night plus I have to do a lot of research and other shit, that I wont get into now, before a kill somebody. Well that is pretty much my life, now lets begin on the day when my life became what it is today. Oh, and by the way, if you couldn't tell already, I have a bit of a swearing problem. 

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