From Killer to Queen

Rissa is a Queen, but not of a county. She is the Queen of party but she also has a dark side. During the day she goes to college, in the evenings she kills people and at night she partys. Every thing is going great until something or should I say someone gets in her way. This someone knows she's hiding something but what? Will this guy find out what it is? Or will Rissa have to take care of him in the only way she knows how, even if it breaks her code?


2. History

*Warning murder, abuse, and rape talked about*


July 24 2013

So I bet you're wondering what made me the way I am? Well I had a bad childhood and I know you think oh this is just some whining bitch complaining cause when I was little I didn't get a Barbie Dream House. If you think that then you need to shut the fuck up and when I'm DONE telling you about my past then, if you still think so, you can call me a whining bitch all you want. I'm going top start from the very beginning, I loved my parents, my real parents. They were the best, they gave me what ever I wanted and they would do anything for me. When I was 10 I was sleeping over at my friends house one night, that night I called my parents to say good night but they didn't answer. I thought it was strange because they always answer the phone especially if I was calling but I didn't think to much of it and when to sleep. Then next day my friend's mom drove me home. When she got to my house she walked me to the door because she wanted to talk to my mom to make plans or some shit like that. First we knocked but when nobody answered I toke the key from under the mat and went inside. I still remember everything I saw like if it was yesterday. Both my mom's and dad's head were cut off and there eyes were missing and they cut a smile into there face. I still sometimes have nightmares of there heads, smiling at me. There was blood everywhere, the whole floor was submerge in blood and there body's were chopped up into pieces and rearranged within each other. I can also still hear the scream it was loud and high pitched, it was my friend's mom. I didn't scream or cry, they said I was in shock but I don't know. So do you think I'm just a whining bitch? Well if you do don't worry there's a LOT more. I was then put into a foster home where I stayed for about a year. It was fine there and I had some friends. This really nice couple, Greg and Emily adapted me, or at least I thought they were nice. At first they were really nice and they treated me like there own. When I was 12 everything changed. I started to grow, which meant I grew tits and was becoming a "woman". That's when Greg took a special interest in me. At night he would sneak into my room and lay down with me. I thought it was weird but he wasn't doing anything just laying down and sleeping so I thought that maybe him and Emily were just fighting or something, until one night he wasn't just sleeping next to me. He started touching me in my private parts and I was uncomfortable and when I told him he said this is how dad's show there love. I let it continue because he tricked me into thinking its normal and I didn't know better. But one night he toke it way to far, he suck his fingers in me, I was 13. I told him to stop but he wouldn't so I hit his arm. That's when he got pissed, he yelled at me and said to never hit him and I was terrified and started to cry. When I started crying he stopped yelling and apologized, he also said he only got mad because that's how he's suppose to show that he loves me and I didn't let him. Then next day the same thing happened but I didn't stop it because I thought it was normal. This continued for 2 mouths and then it was my 14th birthday. That night he said since I was getting older he wanted to give me a special birthday present. That night he made me have sex with him no matter how much I cried and begged for him to stop he wouldn't. With one hand he held both my arms over my head and with the other hand he made sure my legs were spread. I know that was way to far and I was so scared so the next day after school when Greg was still at work I told Emily what happened. She smacked me and started yelling at my saying how I stole her husband away from her and how I'm a dirty whore. It started getting worse, the abuse, and the rape. By the time I was 16 I was a party animal, I drank way to much alcohol and smoked to much weed. 2 years after that I had to deal with getting abused every day and raped every night, lucky the liquor and weed help, but when I was 18 I left and never looked back. So do you still think I'm just a whining bitch because if you do you're a fucking cunt and I hope you burn in hell so you know I felt while living with those demons. 



Authors note:

Well I hope you like that story so far, this is my first time writing. 

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