Being Luke Hemmings little sister.

Emma is a normal 16 girl, well sorta normal. Emma is Luke Hemmings little sister. Her brothers in the world second biggest band and they tour with One Direction the worlds most biggest band exact. She can't help but fall in love with Niall's looks. But she gets told a secret that she doesn't want.


2. Two: Remade

I sat in the small, calm room at the back of the bus. Michael was laying on the small sofa, his head facing the roof. He threw a small tennis ball of the roof. Repeating that move over and over again. "Niall has a girlfriend," I growled. Michael kept throwing the ball but he looked over at me as I ate some candy bricks. He raised his eyebrows at me. Probably more at my tone than me exact.

"What?" I mumbled. He stopped throwing the ball. He sat up and crossed his legs, but he passed the green tennis ball to each hand. Watching me closely. "He actually has groupies but, whatever," That hurt more than him having a girlfriend did. 


"Yeah. Uh, do you wanna make a YouTube video with me because I'm bored?" I asked him. He nodded and sat beside me on the floor. I put the camera above us with a light beside it. Michael was in the perfect veiw and the perfect lightning. I pressed the 'record' button and sat beside Michael. "Hey guuuuys!" I smiled waving, feeding Michael a candy brick. 


"I'm with Mikey again, like this is the sixth video i've done alone with you straight on my chanel," I said to Michael. He nodded. 

"I like videos with you! You're hyper-er when you are with your little army of reckless boners..." He tried to keep a straight face, instead he laughed straight out.

I hugged him. "Wanna tweet for Q&A questions?" I asked Michael. He nodded and picked up his phone. Not even a minute into the '#AskEmma&Mike5SOS' we had millions of replys. 


"@CrikeyMikey says; who do you guys fancy?Love from Oz- with a smiley face," Michale read out. 

I thought. I had more than Niall. "A boy who is close to me, but so close I can't ruin our friendship," I mumbled. Not talking about Niall this time. 

"Same with me- but with a girl," Michael simply said. 

"@YOWLO says; Last song you listened to in the shower?" I smirked. 

"Michael was last listening to 'Holiday' by Green Day, and because we all have to share one massive bathroom that only has a small cover so we dont end up seeing everyones dicks, but the boys have probably seen my tits, anyway, Michael started to do guitar solo with a air guitar. He was fucking rocking out. It was classic," I laughed out. 


"Well, yeah? You were fuckin' rocking out to 'The Beatiful People' by Malyrin Manson the other day, and because of that you forgot to wash your hair, and put your clothes on. So basically, you walked out and then walked straight back in and sat on the shower floor, your body imprinted on the shower screen, holding your head in your hands only saying. 'Oh fuck Mike, what have I fucking done?' haha.." Michael said one of the most embarresing moments of my life, ever. 


"Anywayys. @Luke5SOS says; KISS ALREADY!.." I looked at Michael with a oh fuck face. He tweeted 'Is it okay if I kiss @EmmaHemma for a YouTube video?' Most of the fans said yeah. So uh, this happening. "I'm going to kill you Lucifer!" I said into the camera. Me and Michael's faces got closer. Only a inch away. He pressed his lips off mine and our lips moved in motion. His tongue went over my bottom lip and I granted him accesss. Then we pulled away like nothing happened. Though, the sheer truth is. I felt electricity buzz through me, I tasted his beer from earlier. It was bittersweet. Like my life.


"Alright three more questions. Okaaaay. @RecklessBonerificBoy says; Emma will you please reply to my texts already?" I smirked, biting my lip. 

"Damn...okay," I blushed.

"That doesn't count as a question, right?" Michael said. I could feel him move closer to me. His hand touched my the back of my thigh. I swallowed. Yet, he never moved it. 

"It doesn't, so you choose one," I smield at him. 


"A-Okay. @VeeOneEye says; I like your hair, to both you and Emma. Will you be coming to the warped tour with Emma starting next month?"

My heart fluttered because he's my favourite YouTuber.

"Thanks of behalf of both of us. Uhm, and yes, I will be coming with her, like to sing with her and i'll also be coming as support, so will Luke, Ash and Cal." Michael smiled. 



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