Being Luke Hemmings little sister.

Emma is a normal 16 girl, well sorta normal. Emma is Luke Hemmings little sister. Her brothers in the world second biggest band and they tour with One Direction the worlds most biggest band exact. She can't help but fall in love with Niall's looks. But she gets told a secret that she doesn't want.


3. Three: Remade


"Mike. Are you sure you want to do warped tour 2014 with me?" I questioned him. He would probably be thinking that I wanted him out of my spotlight, but I don't. I'm just scared that I'll ruin his chance of being a punk legend. I'm starting to think that the boys are holding him back from his dreams.

He has real potential in the punk genre. All of the boys do. I ran the idea of them becoming a punk-rock band past them for a long time. However, Luke and Calum just settle it at a 'pop-rock bad with a punk edge'.

Michael gave a 'are you kidding me?' look. "Of course. Wait- you aren't having second thoughts? Are you?" He asked nervously. I shook my head franticly. I was probably looking like some mad woman.

"No, god, no!" I hugged him. He tensed and exhaled shakily. I pulled off, looking at my combat boots awkwardly. "We should practice, now. I guess," I grinned. He nodded with a shy smile.

"Uh, what guitar do you want?" Michael asked, pointing to the 15 guitars that was laying on the massive stage. The boys were doing a gig at the Kerrang awards tomorrow, and me and Michael decided to practice in front of Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil, Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens and Luke Hemmings, my brother.

Me and Michael started to play guitar to 'Hold On Till May' by Pierce The Veil and Lindsey Stamey. Vic Fuentes started to grin.

Michael nodded to me. "She sits up high, surrounded by the sun. One million branches and she loves everyone," Michael sang.

"Mum and dad, did you search for me? I've been up here so long, I'm going crazy!" I grinned. My fingers moved from chord to chord.

"And when the sun went down, we ended up on the ground. I heard the train shake the windows, you screamed over the sound. And as we own this night. I put your body to the test with mine. This love was out out control. 3, 2, 1 where did it go?" We sang together. I looked back on Ashton rocking out the drums and Calum with his bass. But Luke was just standing in front of the stage. Listening to my voice.



The next morning…



"Kerrang-fucking-awards today!" I screamed to Michael and Calum, who were slumped over their two beds, the 'lads' shot up. They yelled in excitement. I rolled my eyes and went through my suitcase. My sea shaded eyes scanned for my outfit. I grinned. I picked up my leather lookin' leggings, my 'My Chemical Romance' tank top and my red leather sleeveless jacket.

Then, I went through my underwear part of my case- I chose my red and black lace panties and my red and black lace bra. I scrunched everything up and ran into the bathroom. "Wait! Emma! How long will you be?" Calum shouted.

"Uh, longer if you keep talkin'." I told him.

"HmKay," He muttered under his breath.

I shook my head and scoffed. Jokingly.


I took off my over-sized band shirt (it was a extra large 11) I bought it because I was drunk. Anyway, I got out my pajamas' and dirty underwear, and changed into my slightly sexual clean underwear. Then, I slipped the tank top over my head, onto my torso. I admired my body. I was skinny, not anorexic, my figure was pretty much perfect to be honest.

"Smoking hot." I mumbled as I struggled to get into my shiny black leggings. As much as I wanted to thank myself for my complement. I didn't. Cue the shamefull 'do not judge' face. Anyways, then I put the leather-sleeveless-jacket on.

I picked up my teasing comb, hairspray, dry shampoo, make up bag and the giant mirror that was in the bathroom before unlocking the door. "Cal. You can go in now." I said, dragging the Victorian looking mirror along the vinyl flooring. It wasn't put in right. The vinyl was popping up. Real tiles and real wood would've  been better, though crappy hotels always do this, that’s why I usually stay in the tour bus.

Calum jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He was 'insecure' with his body around Michael and me. So he had to get changed in the bathroom. Or maybe he was hiding something. I know I was. I still had the same 20 bracelets on my main wrist (on the other one, I only had on 5) I hadn't seen the scars under since I put them on 5 months ago.


"Y-You look, wow, you just look wow." Michael grinned from the behind the bed. I know he was changing boxers because he was wearing his 'bite me' burger ones, and they were laying on my E.P. Ew. Ew. Ew.

"Haha, I'd say the same but I'm sure you're nude." I laughed. Spraying my dry shampoo into my long, chocolate hair. Michael walked from behind the bed he had pushed towards Calum's in the middle of the night, I swear, sometimes I forget about shipping 'Mashton and 'Cake' and I end up shipping 'Malum', hehe.

Michael was shirtless, and I found that attractive-ish, but he's basically my bestfriend, so I can't.

I started to tease my fringe over my left eye, I made my hair scene/emo like, I guess. I always do. "Do you seriously need make-up?" He scoffed. I starred at him.


"I either do it, or the make up artists their do it. You saw Luke and his overly-foundationed face at the BRITS?" I questioned him. He nodded.

"That's what the stylist twins do to you, so. If you want to look actually nice then, do it yourself." I warned him. Putting the foundation on the back of my hand, placing small bits of the nude foundation of my face.

Nude foundation basically goes the same shade as your natural shade but gets all the imperfections away, same with nude concealer.

I rubbed the foundation into my skin. Pleased with the outcome. I put the concealer on top of my bags, then I blended it in with the rest of my face. I winked into the mirror. "I'd fuck myself," I say to Michael.

"I'd fuck you too- I mean, uh, you know what I mean…" He rambled on. I nodded in confusion, attempting to keep up with him, I failed.

"CALUM! ARE YOU ALIVE STILL?" I yelled, worrying over how long he has actually been in there.


"I'm doing…manly things!" I could hear embarrassment in his tone. I was puzzled.

"Wanking." Michael sat next to me. He had black skinny jeans, a black and white Green Day; American Idiot cover tank top, a black sleeveless leather jacket and about 6 black bracelets. We both weren't wearing socks, we never found them important until the last minute when we're both screaming, 'where did our freaking socks go? Did the sock fairy take them again!'.

Then you would hear Ashton snicker and stare at his feet. Usually, mine or Michael's socks are on his feet. So I usually end up chocking him. Though, since I found out that he L-O-V-E-S me, I just wear Cal's old vans.


"Can you do my make up, please?" Calum said, playing around with my make up kit. I nodded but put on my eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick on first. Me being me, I put every make up piece black apart from my lipstick, which was a dark red.

"Right now. By the way, how long would Calum take?" I asked him.

Just before he was going to answer, Calum walks out and runs to Luke and Ashton's room, not forgetting to close the room door before he bothered to leave. "Okay, anyway. Make up time." I got out the make up I would need for Michael. He nodded and smiled sweetly at me.

I curled my lips. I looked I into his eyes, he looked into mine. My heart fluttered, but I ignored what I felt. I put on a light grey eye shadow on his eyelids, and under his eyes. Then I added a black eye shadow below the grey. He always done this, it made him look like Gerard Way apparently. 


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