Nornish elves

in the mountain Fodotain there lives a group of people at the top and a group of people at the bottom we follow along with a boy called Thachet into a world he has never seen


2. The village of Tritan

Thachet lived a little out of the center of his town Tritan. He lived with his Mum, Dad and little sister Ceriah in a small cottage. They had a pet Budgie called Arwin and a small ragdol kitten called Little Bella. Thachet didn't spend a lot of his time in his house if he had free time to spare. He would normally be out playing football with Caronson and Marthoe and on the odd occasion in the skate park. Thachet was like any normal boy in The village of Tritan - liked playing football, went to a school and did a village hall recemp with his friends, which is basically a big assembly put to the village. now i guess you might say that everyone is unique in there own way but in Tritan all the boys and girls did exactly the same thing, the only reason i picked Thachet's story was because he wished he could be like Fodo and go exploring up mount Fodotain and no other boy did.

Thachet though like most boys always looked forward to the summer holidays when it snowed for days on end, yes i know what you must be thinking snowing in summer well that's what happened in Tritan.       

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