Nornish elves

in the mountain Fodotain there lives a group of people at the top and a group of people at the bottom we follow along with a boy called Thachet into a world he has never seen


3. the little fella

Thachet looked at the mountain in the distance. He could spend hours on end looking at it. He looked at the very top of mount Fodotain and saw a very small green pirate hat. He quickly rushed to his telescope and brought it close to the window. Thachet looked through the telescope to the peak of the mountain and saw that the hat was not infact left there but was moving. He made the magnify power a lot stronger that he could see a small person looking through a tiny telescope back at him. Thachet went through to his secret room were he kept all of his private stuff. He searched for his note book grabed it and then went straight up to his top bedroom window. Up there were no-one could see Thachet. He started to draw a picture of this strange person up on the top of the mountain. Then he saw white fluff appering on his window. 'COME ON !' he said loudly. It had started to snow. The snow started to build up on the window and he couldn't see anything the last thing he saw was the little fella walking away. 

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