Nornish elves

in the mountain Fodotain there lives a group of people at the top and a group of people at the bottom we follow along with a boy called Thachet into a world he has never seen


4. storms can be good

2 weeks later Thachet hadn't got anywhere by staring at his drawings. He had nearly had a go at climbing the mountain until Police Officer Cherin caught him. Thachet got taken back to his house and his mum was not very happy. Police Officer Cherin was one of the toughest police officers in the neighborhood. He had a very sad background so he took on martial arts and became a black belt. You could get nothing past him. Anyway Thachet was grounded for 1 week because his mum new what he was like, so it wasn't the biggest punishment in the world.   

In the morning Thachet got woken up by his sister bouncing on his bed and trying to pull him of the bed. He went down stairs with her and saw she had the t.v on it was on the weather and they said there was a storm approaching. "OH COME ON" Thachet said so loudly that his parents woke up. 

He went back to his bedroom and looked out his window. The news always gave the weather 5 minutes before it actually happens. The black clouds were approaching and they blocked out the sun, it went pitch black. Thachet put his lamp on and looked in a mirror. His brown hair scruffy going everywhere and he looked like a zombie which wasn't the best thing in the world. After 20 minuets of tiding his self up he looked like a normal boy. Once again Thachet looked out of his window. The rain poured down like there was a stamped of rhinos heading this way. He looked at the top of mount frodotain and wondered what it must be like up there for the little fella that he saw. Suddenly out of no- where a green hat splatted on his window. Immediately Thachet opened his window and pulled it in only letting a few drops of water escape from his window. "wow" Thachet said in a fascinated way. He put the small hat on his shelf feeling pround for no reason and started to sketch everything in detail

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