Nornish elves

in the mountain Fodotain there lives a group of people at the top and a group of people at the bottom we follow along with a boy called Thachet into a world he has never seen


6. Perifo

Thachet jumped onto his bed and picked up the nearest book. The door opened and three men wearing black body Armour can charging through the door. Thachet acted surprised as they all stood there with dlg (detection laser guns) pointing at him. Slowly always looking at the three men he closed his magazine and stood up. The edofotccd men's dlg's followed Thachet everywhere like a shadow. He started to walk towards the door but two of the men blocked his way. As Thachet edged back the man in the middle took of the glass helmet he was wearing. The man looked young with a slender face and piercing blue eyes. His hair was a Browny Blonde with a cut. ( In Tritan when you turn 18 (boy into a man) your hair gets cut short.) He looked at the other men on each side and they marched out of the door. The man turned and shut Thachet's bedroom door with a soft click. With a swift turn he was back facing Thachet taking in every detail. From the Brown scruffy hair, hazel eyes, lean face to the clothes he was wearing - red mountain jumper, black and white trainers and blue jeans. As suddenly as he had came in he spoke. "Hello, my name is perifo" with a quiet whimper Thachet replied to perifo " Hi, i am Thachet, nice to meet you perifo." Perifo walked around Thachet's room soon picking up signs of a trip up to the mountain. After a minute or two Perifo turned back. "Thachet, you know I am from the edofotccd. I am here because a strange green hat had been seen coming of mount Fodotain. It has been heading this direction and then we lost track of it in this village, do you know anything about this hat?" Thachet looked outside his window and around his room before saying "no i don't." Perifo slid on his glass helmet so his face could no longer be seen and walked out of the room. His voice rumbled through the door as he told his men to leave the house and go search another one.

After the mayhem Thachet brought the hat back into the room and hid it under his notebook in his secret draw. He shut the draw and walked back into the centre of his room. In came his Mum and Ceriah rushing around. Suddenly it dawned on Thachet 'recemp' was today. He grabbed his backpack and stuffed in lunch and a change of clothes. Thachet would be one of the main characters as this was his last year doing recemp. He rushed out of the front door and made a run to the village hall.   

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