Carrie is 19 years old and her parents have been keeping a dirty little secret and Carrie is catching on, will Carrie make her parents spill the beans? Carrie is deathly afraid of what the secret could be, little does she know it's worse than she thinks. She thinks that her parents are murderers. Rated yellow because- violence


5. 4

Niall's POV

Um I have an issue, I'm one of Harry's friends yet I lied to a princess so she wouldn't murder me, being a vampire is hard and I couldn't let Harry get all the fun. So I shot him with a sleep dart that had about a 100 bolt electric shock so it would knock him out easily. You see, I really like Carrie but she hates me so I told her my name was Ryan. I better wait to see how long that'll hold off. I also have an addiction to bitting peoples necks that I am attracted to...

Carrie smiled and kissed me. How will I tell her I'm Niall?

"You're who?!!" She screamed

"Did I say that out loud or did you read my mind"

"You fucking said it out loud" she got up and ran. Damn she's sexy...then Harry ruined my thoughts by moaning I got up and looked I between the right side of the bed and the open window to see Harry making out with Lola, obviously, she believes in love at first sight. I ran for Carrie, she probably knows that if she looses enough blood, she can still die. She has cuts up and down her arms so... I'm a little worried. I hear a door slam to see that she has locked herself in a bathroom. Of course, she chose the one with a metal door and frame.

"Ahhhh!" She screamed

"Damn it Carrie. Open the fucking door" I yelled desperately hoping she didn't have anything sharp.

"There's so many sharp objects and I chose mine, but then I cut with the box cutter and there's so much." She cried

"Holy shit! Carrie open the door!" I yelled

"I'm awful, I'm horrible, I'm stupid, I'm ugly, I hate me, he hates me, everyone hates me, I deserve to die." I heard her cry on the other side of the door as I pulled at the door.

"Please. Let me in." I calmly spoke as Carrie unlocked the door and I walked in seeing to pools of blood on the floor as she was loosing her balance.

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