Carrie is 19 years old and her parents have been keeping a dirty little secret and Carrie is catching on, will Carrie make her parents spill the beans? Carrie is deathly afraid of what the secret could be, little does she know it's worse than she thinks. She thinks that her parents are murderers. Rated yellow because- violence


4. 3

For once I was scared, I was scared of what would happen, I was scared of the power they had, I was afraid... Of Harry. I felt breaths slowly renter my body and they felt nice, like a summer breeze, or being held softly by one you love, it felt like being asleep... It was peaceful, serene, some how I felt safe as a pair of arms lifted my body and lied me on a couch or a bed, just, something really comfortable. I slowly opened my eyes and allowed a scream to escape my mouth as Harry's eyes met mine and I kicked and punched but his body would not move one inch. I allowed my anger to power myself into kicking him a little harder than necessary right where the sun don't shine. Hopefully hard enough so he can't have any children. His face defined his expression, angry. His face made him look like a cold hearted, cold blooded man glaring into my eyes causing my breathes to slow again but I had the strength to close my eyes and the pain, had released. I was still mad at Harry for ruining my life and the path wanted to take. Though I highly doubt that I can one day, eventually be an amazing ruler. The way I react around Harry, might prevent that. I would have to be calm and peaceful to everyone... Even Harry. I lay there kicking and punching as I heard a loud bang and I had a body laying atop of me. Then shortly after I heard a thump, realizing, Harry shot someone... over me. I heard an unfamiliar voice whisper,

"It's alright, I would never hurt you" and a pair of lips took action to my neck. I open my eyes to see Harry lying dead in the floor and the blonde boy from the hospital pulled away from my neck. I brought two fingers to my neck and pulled them away looking at the warm red liquid that came from my neck. I pushed him off me.

"You're such a dick! I don't even know you, you killed my kidnapper, good job by the way. Now you come and bite my neck you should expect to be punished " I screamed at him

"You should expect that from a vampire babe, I'm Ryan but anyway. How will you punish me? Kiss me? Your weaker than a potato, and they aren't even living. Pathetic."he angered me so much.

I pulled my fist back and punched him causing him slide across the room. "Am I still weak? Because your eyes are leaking. As well as your nose" he quickly flung his hand toward his nose pulling back a red liquid much like mine that is still continuing to leak out my punctured skin. I glared him in the eyes as as his body started to cringe. That's how Harry did it, he looks them in the eyes and used the looks against them.

He started coughing as I got out the gaze and saw he was coughing up blood I dropped to my knees and looked at my hands, "I'm such a monster!" I cried and dropped my head into my hands and Ryan wrapped his arms around me. Thank you, now if only you could read my mind. I thought.

"I can" he smiled as he said

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