Carrie is 19 years old and her parents have been keeping a dirty little secret and Carrie is catching on, will Carrie make her parents spill the beans? Carrie is deathly afraid of what the secret could be, little does she know it's worse than she thinks. She thinks that her parents are murderers. Rated yellow because- violence


2. 2

Carrie's POV

I saw the pure anger in his face as the black haired boy stood between me and him. "This is not the time to kill each other!" He shouted in Harry's face he sat down and slowly dug sharp claws into his legs leaving deep cuts in his leg. Lola walked up to him and tied his hands behind his back, so he wouldn't get any ideas I'm assuming. Her had looked in her eyes and after a deep stare down lust filled his eyes, a deep intensity went through his brain before speaking I'm sure. "D do you believe in love at first sight or should I get up and walk in again?" He asked her with sincerity in his voice and she walked out. She did not walk back in nor did she show up to school on Monday, I slapped Harry in the middle of social studies and it got sent to the office. I didn't go, I left school, if I'm a princess, I shouldn't have to attend school if I don't want to.

I arrived at home and there were huge unfamiliar looking cars in the drive way they scared me but I walked in any way and my parents were tied up in chairs and a cloth was being held up to my mouth I ate it, it tasted nasty... Chloroform, why chloroform I turned around and saw large bodies standing in front if me. I slowly looked up at the men with enlarged muscles stretching the nice tux on his body I slowly fell to the ground as they went wide eyed "Boss said she couldn't change shape yet!" I looked down at my hands to see that I only have paws.

I don't know what's going on here all I know is that I was angry they tried to chloroform me and then I fell, maybe if I channel my anger, I'll go all werewolf style! I the men went down into the form of a werewolf as I ran out the back door and vaulted the 5 foot fence my parents had in our back yard leading into foggy forest. I saw nothing but the brown mud and the trees haunting the late forest I saw a clearing I ran faster and faster hearing many footsteps pounding behind me, pounding the mud, beating the wind.

I stopped in the clearing as the foot steps stopped and eyes were everywhere, Harry stepped into the clearing. "That was, so... easy, you make my work seem like sleep walking." He called out as my anger slowly filled my heart as I screamed releasing a intense chill that made him smile like a dork.

"Oh, baby. That cold don't bother me, like it bothers them" he said taking little steps toward me. I slowly stepped back and ran at him taking a large chunk of skin from his arm and jumping over the small wolves blocking the entrance. I fell to the ground hard. I was unable to move my breaths went from rapid and often to slowly and less until I had a panic attack and the only thing I could see was the darkness of nothing.

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