Carrie is 19 years old and her parents have been keeping a dirty little secret and Carrie is catching on, will Carrie make her parents spill the beans? Carrie is deathly afraid of what the secret could be, little does she know it's worse than she thinks. She thinks that her parents are murderers. Rated yellow because- violence


1. 1

Carrie's POV

I walked into school and I smelt the most disgusting sent when I walked in, probably that player boy's cologne I think his name was, Henry Stokes? I dont know, something like that, I walked to my locker and got my geography text book, I swear it weighs a ton. I closed my locker and player boy slid in front of it, "whatcha want player boy?" I asked as he looked at me confused,

"I gots a name ya'no" he said with a retarded look on his face I turned around

"As if I would know it I'm not one of the stupid girls who allows you to get in my pants." I stated as he laughed

"you mean like your best friend Destiny? Man was she easy, all I did was say 'I love you' and she was all in. Like, touchdown!" He said, and he was somewhat right, but really, he raped her in the 2nd grade. So I turned around and back handed him in the face.

"Fuck you asshole, you raped her! When she was only 8! You're a low life jackass because you only think about yourself!" I screamed throwing a fist at him but something grabbed my arm,

"let me go!!!" I screamed again turning to face Destiny and Rachel. I lowered my fist and walked away with them.

" oh come on party poopers! I wanted to get her suspended!" The guy yelled

"For what? The fifth time this year?! No!" Rachel yelled back.

Rachel is right I have gotten suspended 4 times this year. Each and every time, defending my friends. I'm just glad they aren't smart enough to call home when I get suspended because if my parents knew, They would go all ballistic on me. I'd be dead now if they knew.

*after school*

Well I survived the day, still not suspended and it's Friday!!!!!! Not only that but, Destiny and Rachel are officially staying the night at my house!! We ran the whole 2 blocks to my house, plus it won't hurt to get a little exercise considering I'm in track, cheer,dance, soccer, and basket ball. Surprisingly, I am not very busy, all of them are on the same day and last only 30 minutes.

Rachel, Destiny, and I are planning in going to the movies, except one issue, player boy works there Friday-Sunday nights. Everyone who is smart enough to stay out of his bed calls him player boy, I mean like, come on, who wouldn't?!? So we are going to also humiliate him and his reputation, revenge truly is sweet. We are definitely not showing up in sporty cloths so it's probably about time to get ready, funny thing is, we do a make up triangle so I do Rachel's makeup Rachel does Destiny's makeup and Destiny does my makeup... Simple task, right? After we finished our makeup, we went to, the mall, who doesn't love the mall? Wait, boys, boys hate malls. We probably shouldn't split up, last time we split up, was in 2nd grade, age 8, Destiny got raped. By a boy, in my school, so yeah. "No splitting up, we are all going to justice and I'd prefer you stay close, okay Destiny?" I commanded and everyone nodded. We walked into the justice department, the aroma of expensive perfumes filled my nose. I stepped into an isle full of cloths looking for a good movie shirt. I found a bright pink tank top with sparkles, lots of sparkles and a pair of denim jean shorts that had frilly rips on the holes for your legs. Of course Destiny chose all purple, purple shirt, purple skinny's, her favorite color is purple. As for Rachel she chose the usual, black and white bow , blue top, blue jean shorts, as always.

*at movies*

We walked in and to my surprise, player boy, wasn't working we came in and got a ticket to see Frozen and walked in and sat down. This is my 3rd time watching the movie, we started silently singing along to all the songs and toward the end we ran to the bathroom and didn't bother going back in the theater room because it was over so we ran four miles to my house, well we started to. I jumped the metal railing with concrete steps, I tripped on the burgundy red railing my leg was in great pain as I finished running the rest of the 4 miles and my mother and father were a little worried when they found out. My mother brought me to the hospital and when the doctor took an X-Ray he had the most odd reaction, "Miss Carrie, your leg is acting a little odd, when we took the first X-Ray you had a major fracture and by the time we got to the end, your fracture was nearly gone. Mr and Mrs Fasler, does she know yet?" The doctor spoke aloud

"Ah um, no" my mother said

"Know about what exactly mother?" I called out

"Ha, haha, you're the princess of vampires, werewolves, and witches..." My parents lied to me my whole life, how could I ever speak to them.

"Did you guys know?" I turned and looked at Destiny and Rachel and they nodded

"You see, I'm a Destiny-Angel so my mother named me Destiny and as for Rachel she is a witch." Destiny explained as I dropped onto my back in the hospital bed

"The whole town is full of super natural, but not 100% super natural. Luckily our school is 100% supernatural, Harry Styles, you know, player boy... He has been trying to tick you off so that you will release your inner power. If you release it then you might of killed him causing you to be given the death penalty and then there would be no heir to the throne..." Destiny gasped before finishing.

"So that would shut down the whole royal stem... So he resembles a suicide bomber."she said as a group of people walked by and an adorable blondie walked past the hospital door with a group of really cute guys. That perfect moment ended when I saw player boy, I mean suicide bomber, oops, Harry Styles! Yes, I finally got it! They stepped back words and opened my door and Harry walked in with his people. Before I knew it I had half my school in my room, my small little hospital room. The one that is slowly becoming hard to breath in, crap I forgot I'm claustrophobic "Claustrophobic!" I hyperventilated then blacked out.

I heard loud voices calling my name, I coughed before speaking, "quiet, your giving me a headache." I slowly started opening my eyes and noticed I was in my bed and player boy's friends were surrounding me. I noticed a girl I've seen at school, her name is... Lola Atterne, she was my best friend and then she was gone for a long time. Now, here she is! I jumped out of bed but fell on my face before catching balance as I heard Harry say "failure, your so pathetic." I stood up and held my hand up before slapping him my hand lit to fire and I swung at him leaving a hand print on his left cheek.

"Now you can be the pathetic one." I said as he fell to his butt and held his burn mark. As it slowly disappeared anger was written all of his face.

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