2. class

I get to first period with just a second left to spare. Wow this class is pretty full this year... I spot one empty table towards the back. I go and plunk down in my seat hoping just one more person will come in so I don't have to be known as the loner geek that sits in the back.

As I was caught up in my thoughts i didn't notice a body next to me the chair. I jump a little.

"Alright class I know you all are dying to tell everyone what you did this summer so this class you get to do so"

Mr.Kalen is the best teacher in the whole school. It's like he understands us. And yes maybe it's because he's only 24.

I decide to introduce myself to the guy next to me. I turn to find him already looking at me.

"Oh um, I'm sorry. I'm, I'm Liam."

" It's fine don't worry about it, I'm Jess" I say holding my hand out. He kindly accepts and shakes it.

"Is that short for anything?"

"Actually it is, Jessalaina"



"You're just so beautiful."

"Thats a wrap everyone!" Mr.Kalen interrupt.

Damn it.

"See ya around" I say, and walk out of the classroom.

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