The school for five


2. chapter two

I saw my school in the distance. I kept listening to my favorite band. I was looking out the window when a felt a small finger tap my shoulder. I saw the bright pink nail polish and charm bracelets when I noticed it was my little sister, Lily. I smiled and took off my headphones.

"Yeessss??" I was a little confused, she usually talks to me later on during the day.

" Why were you screaming my name this morning" she looked really worried, but that's been happening a lot lately. I can't seem to stop getting these weird and terrible dreams. Most of them are nightmares of her screaming my name from somewhere and I could never find her, then I usually just woke up. So I just decided to answer with

"I don't know anymore, I guess it was just another bad dream" she nodded, but didn't look like she actually believed me. Luckily she jumped back into her own seat when the bus driver wasn't looking. I put my headphones back in. Then I noticed we were already at school and that it was almost 8:05, which meant the bell would ring in about ten minutes.

The bus stopped in front of the schools front doors. I grabbed my bag, stood up and tried to get through the constant stream of girls and boys from seniors in high school to little pre-schoolers. I finally got off the bus. I went straight toward my locker which was right next to my two best friends in the whole world. They must have already gone to class because Alexa's locker was partially open, and her stuff was in it. So I closed it for her. I opened my locker, put my bag in it. I grabbed my math text book, notebook, and binder. I took my phone out of my bag and put it in my black combat boots.

When I walked into class only a few people where already there because we still had about five minutes until class started, but I did see my best friends Alexa and Lana. Alex was tall with blonde hair, and gray eyes. Lana was a little shorter with black hair and electric blue eyes. Lana had shot right up when she saw me.

"Hey Lily told me you had another weird dream" even she had a really worried look on her face.

" I'm fine a swear" I smiled to let her know I wasn't lying. Alex gave me a look that said I know that your not okay.

The bell rang, and our teacher came in and told us to take our seats. I sat in my usual spot between Alexa and Lana.

Then our teacher started talking and I completely zoned out.

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