The school for five


3. chapter three

I was running from something. I heard a bell ring. Someone was calling my name.

"Jay, Jay, wake up, come on, you fell asleep." I started to get up. Oh crap I fell asleep, in class.....again. My teacher was in front of me. I had a white note on my metal desk. I picked it up, and grabbed all my stuff.

" sorry" I said.

"It's fine but I want you to come see me after school." It looked like she was busy so I just left.


Before I knew it I had to meet up with all of my teachers at some point this week. It was probably because of either me falling asleep during most of my classes, or because I have an A+ in like every class. Don't even ask me how I get those grades, because I have absolutely no idea at all. I barely try in any of my classes.

I walked into my math room, to see all of my teachers, and my mom. I just kinda stood by the door awkwardly. They must have called her or something. They all looked up at me and finally my mom spoke up.

"Hi sweetly we were just talking about you." She gave me this sweet sort of smile.

"Yea I kinda figured." Oh god now what did I do. "And umm what about me exactly?" She just smiled again, and patted the seat next to her for me to sit down. So I walked over and sat down.

My math teacher started talking. " Well Jay seems to get very bored in most of her classes, but most kids get bored in class the only difference is that Jay probably gets the best grades in the entire school." When she finished she looked at my English teacher, who then started talking. "I have also seen this with Jay, and last night, all of us where talking and we think she should go to a school where she can get an education that's more at her level, so maybe a prep school. Or something similar." I just stared dumbfounded at all my teachers who were all nodding.

"WAIT, but what about my friends, and my sisters" they all looked at me strangely like this wasn't the response that they were suspecting.

"Well you might have to leave begin your friends but your sister show the same intelligence as you do so naturally they would be able to go also." My science teacher always seemed to help me at that kind of stuff. I started to think about it. It's an amazing offer especially in our school.

So finally I said "ok, but do I get to chose which school I end up going to?" All my teachers nodded. I took a deep breath "ok I guess I'm moving than".

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