The love of my life???

This fanfiction is about a girl named laisha an her friends daliana Marieanna Dayan and Nichelle choosing the love of their life. Read more about it 14+and up


1. Moving in

Hi, I am laisha. I just got out of high school like 3 months ago and now I have to choose a college. I have always wanted to go to chesiure college in London but that way to expensive. My mom said to go to Harvard but I had always wanted to travel the world , especially to London. I tried to send a serve but I never got a message back. But that all change, I found a letter in the mailbox from chesiure college. Since I send them a letter with all my grades from high school they wanted to give me a scholarship to go there. It specifically said this

Dear, Laisha Inoa

You are really intelligent and your grades are really good. We like you to come to chesiure college and were giving you a scholarship of 3,000 dollars. We hope you come. Thank you, we also send a plane ticket to England.


I was so surprised about the scholarship. But I'm not that so happy about the plane ticket, it scheduled for this week. I don't know what I'm going to do. I love my friends Britney and Sammantha. And my mom Judith she going to be home alone since my dad left us. But I have to do this.

On Monday

I'm in the airport and about to go to my flight I said bye to everyone and now I'm gong in the plane. I am finding my seat 345 and here it is.

I am sitting next to an old guy that kinda look like Bill Gates but it not him. It took almost 9 freiken hours to London. I bring emergency money for food. I got my luggage and went to chesiure college. I saw Ms. Smith walking down the hallway towards me. "Welcome laisha " Ms.Smith said."Hello"I said, "where is my room " I asked. She said " Down the hallway to your left" I realized that this was a boarding school. I went down the hallway to my left and enter the room. I saw these 4 girls in the room unpacking there stuff. I went in and they asked what was my name. I said " my name is laisha ", then I asked what was their name, one of them said" we'll my name is Dayan " I just realized that she was British. The other one said their name was daliana, a person with a rolling stone shirt said their name was Marieanna, and the one with blue eyes was Nichelle. They are all British, I was surprised I thought there were gonna be at least an American just like me. I wanted to see who were my neighbors next door. I left and knocked on the door. I saw a boy who had only a towel on. He had green eyes and fluffy hair. I just couldn't resist his emerald eyes, I asked his name and he said it was Harry. I just told him that I live righ next to you and wanted to know you. He said"okay but you can't stop checking me out". I was so embarrassed I thought he wouldn't notice. He asked me what was my number I just grab a piece of paper and asked him for a pen and wrote this down.


He said thank you and I just left. I went into the room and already spread the news to my room mates. I didn't really knew them so I asked them to join me to get some food in the cafe. They all said yes in their British accents. We went to the cafe and really got to know each other. We all like the same music, the same brand of clothes etc....

We went back to the room to get ready for class. I took a shower and put a pink crop top and a light blue shorts with some black vans. I curled my ombré hair and got earrings . I walked to class and realized that daliana Marieanna daylan and Nichelle were in the same class together. I wave at them and they all waved back at me. I also saw Harry and his friends Liam , Niall, Louis and Liam. Harry sat next me and I said " hi Harry " he said hi back. Before class begun he passed me a note saying MEET ME AT MY PLACE

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