She's comes back

After a year of living with her grandmother, Scott's little sister, Mia McCall comes back to Beacon Hills only to be thrown into all the werewolf drama. And along the way, with the passage of time and after overcoming several obstacles, Mia will learn friendship and maybe even true love.


1. Chapter one - Mia McCall

I never thought I'd come back. I never thought after she sent me away, tearing me from my life back home, she'd do the same thing again to bring me back. I didn't want to leave in the first place. And I sure as hell don't want to be back. But there I was, in the passenger seat of my grandma's SUV being dragged back home to my mom. My suitcases were piled in the backseat while my drum set was stuffed in the back. Grandma's white little Pomeranian, Missy, was asleep on top of one of the bags. The only good thing about this was that I get to see my big brother Scott again. I missed him a lot. Since we're only a year apart, we're pretty close. Well, we were until my mom sent me away. Apparently, she couldn't afford two children on her meager hospital budget so I had to go live with Grandma until she got everything until control. We pulled up into the driveway. I could Scott peering through the window, and then he burst through the door. I jumped out of the car and jumped into his arms. He gave me a small kiss on top of my head.

"I can't believe you're back!" he said happily, pulling away from the hug.

"I can't believe it either! And you got so big! What're you, on steroids or something?" I laughed.

"Being co-captain of the lacrosse team has muscular perks", he joked, putting his arm around me.

"Congratulations! That's awesome!" I squealed, giving him a short hug. Suddenly my mom came out. She gave me a wide grin and hugged me. I remained still, and waited for her to pull away.

"Hi sweetie", she said, tucking a strand of my side bangs behind my ears.

"Hey mom", I said coldly, turning around and grabbing my suitcases. Scott grabbed some, and we awkwardly walked past Mom and put the suitcases in my room, which was right across the hall from his. We went downstairs and he helped me move the drum set out of Grandma's car. Scott and I stood silently while Grandma and Mom finished up their conversation. When they were done, I gave Grandma a gentle hug. "Bye Grandma. I love you. Please come visit a lot". Tears were welling up in my eyes.

"Don't worry sweetie, you won't be able to get rid of me. I love you too. And I'll give Brody a big kiss for you", she said, teasing me at the end.

"Grandma!" I yelled. She just gave me her mischievous smile. I rolled my eyes and picked up Missy. I gave her a kiss on her snout and said good-bye. I waved good-bye and watched as they drove off. Scott followed me as I walked into the garage.

"So whose Brody?" he asked with a smirk, watching as I moved my drum set to the side of the garage so I could set it up easier. I turned around and glared at him, but he remained resolute. I sigh, giving up.

"My friend", I mumbled, putting the bass pedal in place.

"A friend who you kiss? Or that Grandma kisses?" he asked, struggling not to burst out laughing.

"He was my best friend back in Phoenix. And he was kind of cute. That's all", I said fiercely, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. I put the snare and floor tom on their stands and put them in place. Scott grabbed my drumsticks and began to bang on them. I smacked the back of his head and snatched the sticks out of his hand. Suddenly I heard a whistle from behind me.

"Scott who is this hottie with killer legs and when are you gonna introduce me?" the voice said. I turned around to see Stiles.

"Stiles?" I asked in a disbelieving tone. When did he get…confident?

"Oh my shit, Mia?" he asked. I walked up and hugged him. "Holy crap, I missed you! And….oh god I called you a hottie".

"No, you called me a hottie with killer legs", I corrected him, a mocking smile on my face. He gave me a playful smile. When I went to put the toms over the bass drum, I saw Scott punch Stiles. I shook my head at them.

"I can't believe you're finally back. This is awesome! It's gonna be just like old times. We're gonna go out every night, we're gonna sneak around the forest, and- ooh drum set", he said, grabbing my drumsticks and playing in a similar inexperienced manner as Scott. I pushed him off the stool and started setting up the cymbals.

"What do you think?" I said, gesturing to the set.

"Sexy", Stiles commented.

"Play us a song", Scott demanded, tossing me the drumsticks. I sat down and began to play 'Seek and Destroy'. Halfway through, they went behind me and pulled me off the chair. I fell back on top of them, the three of us laughing hysterically. Suddenly, a really hot guy came up. He had dark hair, hazel eyes, and had this bad boy aura to him. He was wearing skinny jeans and a black v-neck under a leather jacket. He looked really mad. We all stood up. He looked at me, and then pulled Scott aside. I heard them whispering.

"You didn't tell me he knows", he said through clenched teeth.

"What's going on?" I whispered to Stiles.

"Nothing. Just, um, go inside", he said, pushing me to the door. I shoved him away from me.

"Stiles, just tell me what's going on? Who is that guy?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Just don't get involved in this. Go inside. Now", he demanded, his tone getting serious and angry.

"Who. Is. He?" I asked, matching my tone to his.

"His name is Derek. Now get your ass in the house right now", Stiles commanded, grabbing my arm and forcing me into the house. He shoved me inside, and blocked the door. I barreled into the door, but Stiles was too strong. But he couldn't outsmart me. I walked past the kitchen and into the garage through the other entrance and stood beside Scott. Stiles was guarding the front door, so he didn't see me. Scott and Derek turned and looked at me.

"Mia get back inside the house", Scott sigh, not wanting to deal with me right now.

"I'm good, but thanks for offering", I replied back sarcastically.

"I'm serious right now. If you don't get back inside the house in the next fi-", Scott began, but Derek cut him off.

"Scott are you gonna introduce me?"

Scott looked pissed at both me and him, but nonetheless introduced us. "Derek, this is my sister Mia. Mia, this is my friend Derek". Then he grabbed my arm and threw me into the house before I could say a word, standing in front of the garage door. I really couldn't get out now.

I hit the door and then opened the front door. Stiles began to shove me back inside, but I said, "I'm not gonna go over to Scott and Derek. I just want to talk to you. I missed you Stiles".

"Then we'll talk inside", he said, going inside with me. We went and sat down on the couch.

"Why did you guys send me inside when Derek showed up? Is he a bad guy or something? Is he hurting you and Scott?" I fired out the questions, obviously worried.

"Look, Derek isn't a bad guy. He just isn't a good one either. He and Scott are kind of friends, but it's just…complicated. So, do us all a favor and stay away from him. Okay?" he asked, not ordering me but pleading.

"Okay", I said. But the truth was I was going to find out as much about Derek as possible.

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