Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


32. The Nightmares Come To Life

Zayn's POV~

"Somewhere that you wanna go before you die?" I asked as Lu laid on her back with her head on my chest, staring at the roof of our fort. After she had pulled me into the room, she pulled all the blankets and sheets off of her massive bed and told me to help her start building. It had taken a few tries, but we finally got it to stay up. "Umm... The angelic realm. I'd love to see if my family is there..." She whispered just loud enough for me to hear. "Oh, Lu... I didn't mean to-" "It's fine. It doesn't hurt as much anymore. You get used to waking up in the morning knowing that you'll never see your loved ones again... Things happen." I could tell that she was shutting her emotions down and putting her barriers up. "Anyhow, my turn. Favorite time in your life?" I smiled and took her hand. "You should know that one. It was the moment that I found you again..." She smiled and rolled closer to me, laying her head on my chest. "Hey, you ok?" I asked after a moment of silence. "Yea, I'm just tired..." I felt her body relax as she slipped into a dee sleep. I smiled and ran my fingers through her hair, falling asleep to the sound of her breathing and the feel of her body against mine.

Lusetta's POV~

She felt him fall asleep and slipped away from him. She silently snuck out the door and found Ty waiting on the other side. "My Queen." He whispered quietly as he dipped his head to me. "Alright, let's get this over with." He took me by the hand and lead me through the dark corridors. I felt clumsy as we walked slowly down the steps into the dungeon. There were torches illuminating the room just well enough that my heightened sight could see as if it were daylight. Sasha was curled in the corner of one cell, huddled up in the lush blanket that I had sent down earlier. "Sasha, your time has come sooner than expected due to an... unfortunate event." She growled at me and Ty's grip tightened on my hand, reminding me that he was still holding it. I pulled away and blushed slightly. "Ty has gathered everyone at the palace steps. I'm sorry. I have no control over this." She growled and lunged at the bars, cracking them slightly. Ty flinched away, but I remained in my spot. "I didn't know that he was anyone's lover!" I threw myself up against the bars, nearly breaking them the rest of the way and causing her to cower in the corner. "But, you didn't bother to find out, either, did you?! No! You just did whatever the hell you wanted and didn't give a damn who you hurt! Well, you know what? You're getting what you freaking deserve, you whore!" I banged my hand against one of the bars again and shattered it. "Ty, bring her to the palace steps. I will be waiting." He nodded curtly and I heard him unlock the cell door as I turned to leave. Once I was at the front doors that led to the steps, I heard her scream in frustration. I turned to see Ty with a split lip as well as a very pissed Sasha. "Hey, you ok?" I asked, rushing over and gently touching his lip. He winced but nodded almost imperceptibly.  I nodded and threw open the doors, the entirety of the demonic realm before the palace steps. In peace and harmony, they mumbled about what was to become of Sasha. I gulped as all eyes whirled to us and Sasha was bent forward over the topmost steps. I sighed and took my sword from its sheath. "Sarah of the household of Hayes, I hereby fulfill your punishment decided by the people of my realm and yours. You are being beheaded upon the charges of attempted rape and trying to steal my lover. Do you deny these charges?" She growled again and shook her head. "No, My Queen, I do not deny these charges. In fact, I verify them and admit to them." I tightened my jaw for a second and then raised my sword to end her life, aware that she did in fact know who he was when she tried to bed him. "Then I hereby execute you under these charges to which you have admitted. May you get whatever you deserve in the next realm. Rest in peace, Sasha!" I cried as my sword plummeted at a deadly speed towards her neck. I bit my tongue as her scream was cut short, her head being completely severed from her shoulders and rolling down the steps to the feet of those in the front of the crowd. "By the ancient laws of our ancestors, it is done." I whispered, watching as her blood flowed freely from her neck. Ty looked at me with a worried expression and I told him to lay her body next to her head. As he did so, I let the flames that now burned deep inside of my heart seep out and light her body on fire, burning it to ashes in a matter of a few minutes. The crowd dispersed as her ashes were divided up into separate boxes and taken away to be buried on the far ends of the realm. "You have done well. I do believe your mother would be proud." One of the other shifters said as he walked up to me. "And, I do apologize for all of this, but the upper world needs us." I nodded and hugged him. "Thank you for all of your help. You don't know how much it means to me." I muttered, finding it suddenly hard to breathe. He exited my embrace and walked away, leaving Ty and I alone on the steps. We walked back into the castle and he shut the doors behind us. I let out a lone sob and he was instantly in front of me, holding me close to him and letting me cry into his chest as the horror of what I had just done sank in. "How... How could I have let this happen?" I whispered, my voice nearly lost among the violent sobs that racked my body. He held me a little tighter, making me feel safer and more secure with his reassurance. "You did the right thing. If you had let her go, then others would have thought you for a pushover and started something like a revolution. You did well, My Queen." I sighed shakily and pulled away from him, looking into his eyes and smiling. "Thank you, Ty. It's good that at least I know you accept what I have done." I looked down at the ground and he smiled and traced my jawline, tipping my head back up as he held my chin gently and wiped away some of the tears with his thumb. "Come on... Let's get you to bed, My Queen." I leaned on him as we went up the steps, my emotional fatigue starting to take a severe toll on me. As we neared my room, I fell onto my knees and couldn't get back up. He stooped down and picked me up, carrying me the rest of the way. He laid me down next to Zayn again and I curled up next to him, laying my head on his chest once more. "Sleep well, My Queen..." Ty whispered, almost as if he were afraid to be heard. "Goodnight, Ty... Sleep well and... dream of all your dreams... coming... true..." As my eyes closed and I began to drift off into sleep, I felt Ty's lips touch mine briefly. "I love you, Lusettafawn. You are both My Queen and my princess." He whispered as he left the room, shutting the door so slowly that I fell asleep before I heard the click.

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